Birth Family? Family.

This weekend we ventured out to visit Logan’s birth family for the second time. By birth family, I’m speaking of his biological grandmother, cousins, and half-siblings. This was our second visit since Logan’s birth. We used to go more often, but it seems we are busier these days. J The first time we visited them Logan was just three months old. He’s changed just a … Continue reading Birth Family? Family.

A Girl with a Backbone. One of the Best Compliments, Ever.

Today I was told that I, “must have one heck of a backbone”.  I can’t tell you what that meant to me.  (It was said to me at work and in regards to one of the clients that I “handle”.)  I sat a little taller today, my friends…I must admit. For those of you that knew me before 1995 and we had distanced for a while, and for … Continue reading A Girl with a Backbone. One of the Best Compliments, Ever.

After This, I am Sanitizing my Entire House from TOP to BOTTOM!

I feel bad for my mother who had two very sick children much of the time for several years.   My brother was almost always sick as a child (severe asthma).   I have no idea how she did it.   I officially tip my hat to you, mother.   I had no idea how hard it was on mama to have sick babies! The … Continue reading After This, I am Sanitizing my Entire House from TOP to BOTTOM!

Take it Easy, Mamas (and Papas)

Of all of the mothers and fathers in the world, adoptive parents should be able to relate to each other on a grander scale.  No one understands the fall and rise of emotions or the chaos and struggle of adoption like a fellow adoptive parent.  It’s truly a different “world” that sets us apart and SHOULD bond us together.  For some reason, sometimes the opposite happens.  What should unify us becomes the source of conflict and frustration.  Sometimes even hurt … Continue reading Take it Easy, Mamas (and Papas)

Newsletter Month 7

Dear Logan, Two days ago you turned seven months old.  Yesterday you pulled yourself up to a standing position without any assistance at all.  Today you learned to click your tongue.  Every day it’s something new!  Of course, we celebrate every achievement, even the “little things”. I’ve been horrible at my updating lately.  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit drained of energy the … Continue reading Newsletter Month 7

Newsletter Month 5

Dear Logan, Today you tasted your first bite of sweet potatoes.  Today you recognized your name as yours for the first time.  Today you learned that if you do something cute and Mama and Daddy laugh, that you actually caused it to happen.  (This has led to countless games of “Peek a Boo”.)  Today you also turned five months old. You are becoming such a big boy!  We had to … Continue reading Newsletter Month 5

"He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"

I still take a step back whenever someone makes this sort of surprised statement in regards to my son and his relationship with Corey and I.  It shouldn’t shock me.  It’s probably one of the most common statements made to us once someone realizes that Logan is adopted.  (And yes, although his color has “come in”, many people still do not think he is adopted upon meeting us.)  My new … Continue reading "He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"