Biding Time

So tomorrow is the big day.  We meet with the resource person and the director tomorrow regarding the delays that we’ve had throughout this adventure.  I have to admit, I’m a little nervous.  I don’t know how escalated the conversation will get–or how detailed.  I have all of our paperwork in order.  We know where the delays were, I’m just hoping that these things aren’t … Continue reading Biding Time

A Love Affair

Many of you know of my love affair with all kinds of typography.  It’s a great day when this love affair meets the one I have with  I’ve been really careful, but I think today…they just found out about each other. I found this today on etsy at ImBlessed’s shop.  Of course, now I want one once we have our adoption finalized.  It’s sterling silver, … Continue reading A Love Affair

Interesting Statistics of the United States Foster Care System (2009)

Total Population:513,000 children were in the U.S. foster care system on September 30, 2005. Most children are placed temporarily in foster care due to parental abuse or neglect.  Age:Average Age: 10.0 years6% < 1 year 26% 1-5 years 20% 6-10 years 28% 11-15 years 18% 16-18 years 2% >19 years Gender:Male 52% Female 48% Race and Ethnicity:As a percentage, there are more children of color … Continue reading Interesting Statistics of the United States Foster Care System (2009)

Unclear Messages / Backpeddling

Our resource person with the county emailed us the day she spoke with Corey regarding the possibility of us taking the two children.  (Of course we said yes.  We don’t even know why she called about it as we’ve always been set up for 1-2 children.) She told us that she had talked to the kids’ caseworker and that things were looking great.  She also said that the caseworker wanted to … Continue reading Unclear Messages / Backpeddling

Quite Possibly the Most Exciting Email of My Life (So Far…)

We received an email from our resource person this week.  This is sort of how it went.  I’ve deleted the caseworker’s name and blocked the kids’ names for privacy.  I also took a few things out that were a little more private–but this is the “just” of it.  I’m trying not to be excited just yet.  I’m failing miserably. Melinda and Corey,  The case manager … Continue reading Quite Possibly the Most Exciting Email of My Life (So Far…)


I read several adoption-related blogs.  I do not necessarily read them daily, but I do keep up with them regularly.  I ran across Single Dad Laughing’s blog today via Facebook through a post from another blogger friend of mine, Mandy at Campbell Party of 3.  This is a great (and a little humorous) post from the author’s blog regarding adoption ettiquette.  Enjoy and feel free … Continue reading Support.

News…of Sorts.

We have a new inquiry in on an 8 year old little girl from Georgia.  She is absolutely precious and from her profile, it seems she’d fit right in our little family.  Whoever it was that wrote the profile on the website did an excellent job in their description.  Not to mention that she is as cute as a button.  She’s another freckle-faced darling with gorgeous red hair and … Continue reading News…of Sorts.