Birth Family? Family.

This weekend we ventured out to visit Logan’s birth family for the second time. By birth family, I’m speaking of his biological grandmother, cousins, and half-siblings. This was our second visit since Logan’s birth. We used to go more often, but it seems we are busier these days. J The first time we visited them Logan was just three months old. He’s changed just a little since then.

He was a little more hesitant this time at (almost) ten months old. Of course, this is to be expected—most babies reach this phase around this age. The kids didn’t get it and thought that since he was their “family” he should instantly be “one of them”. We explained this to them and they all seemed to understand. (Or at least they smiled and nodded.)

He wouldn’t go to anyone and remained clenched to my side like a baby koala. It didn’t take that long for him to start showing his true colors. The warm up took about 15-20 minutes. However, when they brought in the “other baby” he really started to show them all who Logan really is. The “other baby” is Logan’s biological cousin. She is a few months older than Logan and just absolutely adorable. It was so sweet to see them inspecting each other.

The two of them had that whole “baby bond” thing going on and were instant friends. Both of them just LOVE other little babies, so it really helped for Logan to come out of his shell. Logan started acting silly, making little sounds, and then began to turn on the charm. (This is one thing this child is not lacking…charm.) Before we knew it, those two had their own little language established.

Once the older children were out of the room, the adults started to discuss physical traits. We talked about how he favors his birth mom’s oldest son the most, but he also has some physical traits that are consistent with his birth father’s side. (I’ve always thought this as well but it was intriguing to watch them come to the same conclusions as they put the pieces together.)

We also talked about mannerisms and personality traits and the conclusion everyone came to was that Logan acts more like Corey and I than anyone else. They have been around Corey and me a GREAT deal before-Logan, so I found this quite interesting. It also made my heart happy that they could see us in him.

There are certain expressions he makes that bring out the resemblance to others in his biological family, but I don’t know that the expressions themselves come from them. For example, there is this “You say WHAT?” expression that Logan makes that makes him look just like his birth father. I don’t know if his birth father makes that specific expression or not, but Logan looks just like him when he does it.

His bio family believes that (in general) his mannerisms, demeanor and disposition are like Corey’s. His facial expressions and humor are like mine. I found that very interesting because I don’t think we notice those things as much since they ARE so similar to ours. To be honest, that’s probably a pretty great combination of the two of us. Thank goodness on the disposition—Corey’s being so much better than mine. Ha! (If I’m anything, I’m honest, folks.) And then some are just Logan’s without any influence. J Oh and, I’m not claiming that temper. *snickers*

I’ve always been curious to see how this whole “nurture versus nature” thing would play out. Since we do have close ties to his biological family, it’s going to be a pretty easy study. To witness these things coming to fruition at just ten months is awesome. I look forward to seeing more of these things as Logan grows and changes.

I wish that I could say I had pictures of them to add with this post. I do not. My camera was dead that day and I didn’t take it with me. I had my cell phone the next day when we went back (one bio aunt wanted to see him that wasn’t there on Saturday). I found myself really involved in the conversation and the sweet women around me, I suppose. I completely forgot to take one single picture on Sunday.

I know, I know. 9,800 photographs of Logan and I forget. Sigh…it happens. The next time we go I will take pictures for sure.

I love that we can have this relationship together. It’s good for us, for them, and most importantly, for Logan. I love that he will always be able to have them. That means a lot to all of us. They really are just an extension of our family.

That being said, I’m going to think of a way to get back at that oldest female sibling. She likes to pick and act like she doesn’t like someone. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that she really DIDN’T like us. But she gave herself away when she took a picture of Corey and me on her DS and turned it around to show it off. She had distorted our faces, of course….but at the top of the photo she had written, “FAMILY”. ❤


One thought on “Birth Family? Family.

  1. We saw Isabel's birthmom once last year and I forgot the camera. Got like 3 pictures on my phone. AWFUL! Glad the visit was nice. Very neat to hear about nature vs nurture. I still remember the first time Isabel's bio great grandparents met Isabel, they were comparing the family toes.

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