On Separation Anxiety (Logan’s, Not Mine…Maybe)

They say that separation anxiety can be triggered at any age, at any time.  I know this to be true.  Logan is probably the most social child I’ve ever seen.  He adores people and he is never afraid to meet new ones.  Everywhere we go, he is the center of attention—making new friends is what he does best.  When we traveled to Savannah / Tybee … Continue reading On Separation Anxiety (Logan’s, Not Mine…Maybe)

Strawberries and Peanut Butter

One of my best friends in life passed away when she was just 26 years old.  She had contracted Hepatitis B through a blood transfusion after a simple gall bladder surgery that went wrong after the birth of her daughter.  The disease went unnoticed until she became very, very ill and it was discovered that she had cancer.  The cancer started in her bile duct … Continue reading Strawberries and Peanut Butter

Weekend Wrap Up and a Makeup Lesson

This weekend was a nice, relaxing weekend.  We didn’t have any “big plans” or errands to run.  We did some running on Saturday morning, but for the rest of the weekend, we just kicked back and relaxed at home.  It was kind of nice to just have a “Mama, Daddy, and Logan Day”, as Logan calls it.  We ate Popsicles in the sunshine and we worked … Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up and a Makeup Lesson

So I’m Going to Get Mushy for a Minute

My family and I were estranged for many years.  There is a long story behind the “why’s”, but it doesn’t seem to matter now.  But for 13 long years, there was very little communication between us.  No love lost, just a big mess of emotion and misunderstood events.  We will leave it at that. My mother and I started to talk again around 1999.  My … Continue reading So I’m Going to Get Mushy for a Minute

Dear Logan (27 Month Newsletter),

My Little Man. (AKA Lo-Man.) Nothing suits you better. You want to do everything “by myself” now and only need Mama as a playtoy, a snuggle, security, or to make something “better”. You get so frustrated when something new doesn’t work for you the first time. I hope this doesn’t hold true for you in all things. “Keep trying, Nonnie” Daddy and I say to … Continue reading Dear Logan (27 Month Newsletter),