“This is the last time it’s going to be just us.”  I did tear up a little upon saying it.  It wasn’t sadness that I felt.  It was not regret.  It was excited expectation of our lives as they were to become.  It was also years of struggle finally coming to fruition. It was a little bittersweet as I was going to miss elements of … Continue reading I’M GOING TO BE SOMEONE’S MAMA?!

A Girl with a Backbone. One of the Best Compliments, Ever.

Today I was told that I, “must have one heck of a backbone”.  I can’t tell you what that meant to me.  (It was said to me at work and in regards to one of the clients that I “handle”.)  I sat a little taller today, my friends…I must admit. For those of you that knew me before 1995 and we had distanced for a while, and for … Continue reading A Girl with a Backbone. One of the Best Compliments, Ever.

First Steps. Slow down, Love.

Wednesdays are not my most favorite day of the week, for sure.  Last Wednesday, someone plowed into me in his truck and very likely may have totaled my Jeep.  (That’s a story for another day, friends.) THIS Wednesday my baby took off walking.  To be honest, I’m not really sure how happy I am about it.  (Mixed feelings from Mama, for sure.)  I’m happy for Logan.  He … Continue reading First Steps. Slow down, Love.


Yesterday Logan learned how to make raspberries with his mouth.  It’s now his new favorite trick.  He does this “gasping” noise (that scares the life out of you until you realize that he is doing it on purpose) to start.  This is quickly followed by the raspberries–lots and lots of raspberries. What’s even funnier is the expression on his face.  I mean after all, extreme … Continue reading Raspberries

Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

Our Little Logan has found his Big Voice.  That’s not to say that he JUST started making noises;  he’s been doing that for quite some time now.  These aren’t little baby “coo’s, ooh’s, and ahh’s”.  No, he now carries on full conversations with himself, his toys, the television, the cat, the bouncy seat, anyone or anything that will listen… And trust me you can’t help … Continue reading Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

Logan’s Story–A Beginning

Logan’s birth story and how he came to be with us, may be considered strange and unusual to most.  Some may be in disbelief when they find out how it happened.  Some say that he was meant for us from the beginning.  We prefer to think of it as an unfortunate life situation that produced a blessing led to our family by God above.  Two years ago we tried … Continue reading Logan’s Story–A Beginning