And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

It’s been over a month since we really received anything “solid” in regards to the baby.  That’s very hard to handle—especially when the baby could literally come at any time.  Yesterday we received a text message from the birth mother.  She said that the bio dad will be in town on Friday and that they would sign papers at that time.  My stomach flipped and … Continue reading And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

Shifting Gears

I suppose that we expected some waffling from the bio mom.  I don’t think that we ever thought that she would make her decision at 30 weeks and that would be the final guarantee!  With adoption, it’s a little ridiculous to think that—nothing is final until the judge says he is legally ours. This is the hardest decision she will ever make in her life.  It’s a … Continue reading Shifting Gears

Corey and Melinda–Our Story / Part 1

Infertility sucks.  That’s the long and short of it, really.  Anyone who has been through the heartache of infertility and tells you that it was just a “bump in the road” isn’t being completely honest.  Let me put it bluntly:  getting knocked-up and having a baby the old-fashioned way is totally easier.  The pain of placing 312 inquiries on waiting children only to be turned down 312 times?  That’s … Continue reading Corey and Melinda–Our Story / Part 1

Step by Step

March 23rd, 2011.  Today we find out the date of the birth mother’s C-Section and the date that we (keep your *fingers crossed*) will hold our little one in our arms.  I have to admit, I’m feeling a little um…wacky?!  The very moment that I catch myself getting excited this voice in my head tells me not to “count my chickens before they hatch”.  I suppose this … Continue reading Step by Step

Another Look at Love.

Adoption is a marvelous, beautiful, crazy, emotional whirlwind, AMAZING kind of thing.  Our birth mother could have choose abortion and opted for adoption instead.  I believe that everyone has the right to choose what is best for them, but to allow your child the gift of life–that is a gift beyond measure.  (No hate mail please, this is my opinion.) To me, it says so much about her and the … Continue reading Another Look at Love.

From Two to Six? Perhaps!

We placed an inquiry today for a sibling group of four girls ages 12, 10, 8 and 5.  It’s hard to tell a lot from the initial profiles, but from what we can see they will fit really well into our family.  We typically have to wait for that information once the home study is evaluated. I think I finished the inquiry at 1pm this afternoon and … Continue reading From Two to Six? Perhaps!

Slipping Backwards in the Patience Department

I saw the cutest little girl at the grocery store this evening.  She’s about the same age as the little girl that we are waiting to hear about–the foster/adopt possibility, that is.  She may have been just a LITTLE bit older.  But anyway, I started thinking about how very real this could all be for us very soon.  And I got crazy excited.  There I was, daydreaming right there in front of … Continue reading Slipping Backwards in the Patience Department

Sometimes You Are Afraid to Say, "No".

We have checked our emails.  There was an email from our worker regarding a possible foster/adopt situation.  It was for a little girl.  She is about a year-and-a-half, African American, no delays, and about two hours or so from our house.  They are still looking for family, so we have no way of knowing if it could turn out to be an adoption situation or not.  … Continue reading Sometimes You Are Afraid to Say, "No".