“This is the last time it’s going to be just us.”  I did tear up a little upon saying it.  It wasn’t sadness that I felt.  It was not regret.  It was excited expectation of our lives as they were to become.  It was also years of struggle finally coming to fruition. It was a little bittersweet as I was going to miss elements of … Continue reading I’M GOING TO BE SOMEONE’S MAMA?!


So today I wrecked my Jeep.  Well, someone ran a stop sign and ran straight into me.  But all is well and we should hear something from the other person’s insurance agency tomorrow.  I was not hurt and Logan was not in the car–he was at the sitter when it happened and Corey was at work.  The day was not going well as a whole, … Continue reading ONE STEP CLOSER TO FINALIZATION!


I stole this from my friend Laurie’s blog today.  Laurie is an amazing mama to four beautiful kiddos and I appreciate her more than she probably knows.  Please visit her blog, Adoption Creates Families when you get a chance.  You will not be disappointed!  Thanks for posting this, Laurie.  I love it! A baby is placed in a well-woven basketIt moves with the currentcarrying its … Continue reading Tidbits

Take it Easy, Mamas (and Papas)

Of all of the mothers and fathers in the world, adoptive parents should be able to relate to each other on a grander scale.  No one understands the fall and rise of emotions or the chaos and struggle of adoption like a fellow adoptive parent.  It’s truly a different “world” that sets us apart and SHOULD bond us together.  For some reason, sometimes the opposite happens.  What should unify us becomes the source of conflict and frustration.  Sometimes even hurt … Continue reading Take it Easy, Mamas (and Papas)

"He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"

I still take a step back whenever someone makes this sort of surprised statement in regards to my son and his relationship with Corey and I.  It shouldn’t shock me.  It’s probably one of the most common statements made to us once someone realizes that Logan is adopted.  (And yes, although his color has “come in”, many people still do not think he is adopted upon meeting us.)  My new … Continue reading "He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"

Adoption / Alternate Option

This process has been tedious.  It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  It  has been stressful and exhausting.  But when I look at Logan’s little face all of that doesn’t matter.  This is the life of an adoptive parent.  One Week Three Weeks We all go through it.  Some adoptive parents wait 6 months and some wait 4 years (smile).  In the end, a struggling … Continue reading Adoption / Alternate Option

And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

It’s been over a month since we really received anything “solid” in regards to the baby.  That’s very hard to handle—especially when the baby could literally come at any time.  Yesterday we received a text message from the birth mother.  She said that the bio dad will be in town on Friday and that they would sign papers at that time.  My stomach flipped and … Continue reading And Then One Day the Clouds Lifted

Shifting Gears

I suppose that we expected some waffling from the bio mom.  I don’t think that we ever thought that she would make her decision at 30 weeks and that would be the final guarantee!  With adoption, it’s a little ridiculous to think that—nothing is final until the judge says he is legally ours. This is the hardest decision she will ever make in her life.  It’s a … Continue reading Shifting Gears