Yesterday Logan learned how to make raspberries with his mouth.  It’s now his new favorite trick.  He does this “gasping” noise (that scares the life out of you until you realize that he is doing it on purpose) to start.  This is quickly followed by the raspberries–lots and lots of raspberries. What’s even funnier is the expression on his face.  I mean after all, extreme … Continue reading Raspberries

Waiting. Again. (Or should I say "still"?)

We still have not heard anything at all from the state in regards to home visits to precede the court hearing.  It worries me so much because I just well…I want this adoption to be finalized.  We wholeheartedly feel that Logan IS ours already.  He has been since the day those papers were signed.  I think that it’s just the peace of mind that it will … Continue reading Waiting. Again. (Or should I say "still"?)

Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

Our Little Logan has found his Big Voice.  That’s not to say that he JUST started making noises;  he’s been doing that for quite some time now.  These aren’t little baby “coo’s, ooh’s, and ahh’s”.  No, he now carries on full conversations with himself, his toys, the television, the cat, the bouncy seat, anyone or anything that will listen… And trust me you can’t help … Continue reading Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

"He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"

I still take a step back whenever someone makes this sort of surprised statement in regards to my son and his relationship with Corey and I.  It shouldn’t shock me.  It’s probably one of the most common statements made to us once someone realizes that Logan is adopted.  (And yes, although his color has “come in”, many people still do not think he is adopted upon meeting us.)  My new … Continue reading "He Really Does Love His Mama and Daddy!"