Saved by the Septic Tank Lady.

Corey talked with Sue today. Sue, the septic tank lady, that is. I don’t know her real title…but that’s what she is. Sue the Septic Tank Lady. She may very well be on my bestie’s list when this is all said and done. Sue is going to check the records that they already have at her offices. Apparently, an inspection was completed on the property (somewhat) … Continue reading Saved by the Septic Tank Lady.

Light? Tunnel?

Post from Melinda: Well. (Oh, the weight of one word!)  We thought we were completely finished with the homestudy.  I suppose this is what we get for thinking. Apparently, when the CW’s supervisor went back through her paperwork, she found some things. It turns out that there are a “few holes”. *rolls eyes/moans and groans/mumbles and rips her hair out* I had to submit addresses from the … Continue reading Light? Tunnel?