After This, I am Sanitizing my Entire House from TOP to BOTTOM!

I feel bad for my mother who had two very sick children much of the time for several years.   My brother was almost always sick as a child (severe asthma).   I have no idea how she did it.   I officially tip my hat to you, mother.   I had no idea how hard it was on mama to have sick babies!

The week before last, Logan had a horrible cold / teething.   This was the first time he was ever really SICK.  We aren’t 100% what it really was but we are 100% sure that it was terrible.   I didn’t think that it could get worse until this weekend. 

My little love caught the flu.   Very late Saturday night he started throwing up and he continues to do so today.   The worst of it was Sunday when he just couldn’t keep anything down at all.  For much of the day on Sunday, we were literally were feeding him ½ oz of fluid every 15 minutes so he would not dehydrate.   He was still wetting diapers, so we knew he was not in danger.

He had NO fever.   He was acting like he was perfectly healthy.   He’s just lean over and hurl every now and then.  Yesterday it started coming from the other end and today he is officially “acting sick”.   I think he’s just really run down, poor lil guy.  

Corey called the pediatrician’s office and apparently they knew the exact strain it was without even seeing him.   That’s how much of this they have seen.   Corey said they explained it perfectly over the phone and said there was no cause for concern unless he stops wetting, stops drinking, or runs a fever continuously. (He is yet to get a fever, thank goodness.)

And WOW he wants his mama. I normally love this; however, Logan being sick is just breaking my heart.  I just can’t stand to see him sick. He’s so sweet and usually a little ham…but today he’s lost his fire.   The constant snuggles have started and I know it’s going to be a long, long night.  

He’s been home with Daddy for two days (thanks to his new schedule). Tomorrow we are hoping he can go to Nana and Pawpaw’s, but I’m not certain.   I’m not sending him to a sitter, that I know.   I’ll call in if I have to do so.  I’ve already warned them. 🙂  It’s not like I am really struggling with being a working mama, or anything.   Yeah, this is NOT helping.

Here’s hoping that one more day is all he needs to be on the road to recovery.   He’s so, so pitiful.   I can’t TAKE IT!  Heh.  He is still playing and laughing and making faces, only he is at about 50% steam.  I never would have thought I’d say this, but I want my wild child back!

Lastly, I do not think that one is “baptized into motherhood” until you willingly reach out and catch your child’s vomit in your hands.

Just saying.

One thought on “After This, I am Sanitizing my Entire House from TOP to BOTTOM!

  1. hahaha.. omgosh… sorry.. but that last line made me die laughing! Kaitlin had pooped on me twice when she was a baby… i was on my lunch break from work too both times when it happened! and it wasn't like.. oopps.. you got a little poop on you… it was .. i'm changing your diaper and all of a sudden someone turns the soft serve ice cream wide open and it shoots out and runs all the way down my leg! bhahahahaha! i'm sure you really wanted to know all that! but just wanted to tell you how i got "baptized into motherhood"!!!

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