Newsletter Month Four

Dear Logan,

I know that I keep going on and on about how time is just flying by right before my eyes.  Truly it is.  I can’t believe that today you are four months old.  It seems like just yesterday that I wrote your letter for last month and last week that the nurses placed you into my arms.  My heart swells whenever you’re near to me and I know that you feel the same.  I see it on your face when Daddy brings you home at the end of the day.  You do love your Mama and Daddy so!  It often amazes strangers if we tell them you are adopted.  They can’t believe how bonded you are to us?  I simply say,  “Of course!  We are the only parents he’s ever known.  We ARE his Mama and Daddy.”  And I smile.  After all, the love is no different in any way.  You are ours and we are yours.  ❤

This past month was full of big milestones for you!  You attended your first convention and it went really well!  There were some fussy moments, as expected.  I believe that you are trying to get your first tooth and I’m sure that was a contributing factor.  But it’s also a very long weekend and your schedule was totally thrown off from the “norm”. You are just so curious and wanted to do nothing but look around and talk to people.  So much so that you thought you didn’t need to sleep. You were the center of attention in our little area, that’s for sure.  Most of the time you are such a people person and I love that.

The pacifier isn’t of much interest to you anymore.  You’d much rather chew on your hands or your bib. (Or anything that you can get close enough to chew on, for that matter…teething…)  You do need your paci to go to sleep and then you snuggle in.  You don’t usually put up too hard a fight.  It doesn’t take long before you are off to Dreamland.

Last month Mama bought you a little beanie “Snoopy” that has quickly become your new best friend.  You love that thing so much and just light up whenever you have “been apart”.  It’s quite funny to see your reaction.  You squeeze him and hold him so tightly!  You love new things, but you hold a special place for that stuffed dog.  It’s definitely a keeper.

When Grandma and Grandpa were visiting and you were just a month old, you did roll from your tummy to your back.  BUT!  We didn’t count that because you were just really, really mad and you sort of just flipped over.  You figured out how to do that on your own this past month.  You now have it mastered.  Tummy time is over when you say it’s over now.  Not that it’s a problem—you love tummy time more and more as you get stronger and stronger.  AND ARE YOU STRONG!  It’s not uncommon for you to try to stand up instead of sitting or to try to walk instead of crawling.  I’m hoping that isn’t something comes to fruition.  One big milestone at a time is all that Mama can handle.

Snapping and clapping your hands are something you have on your list of things to learn.  Although you try really hard, I think snapping is going to take a little longer than you’d like. 🙂  You hold your hand up and act like you are doing it—it’s adorable. Clapping will probably come next month or the month after, I’m convinced.  You’ll clasp them together but have yet to figure out how to make the “sound”.  You’re still pretty young for this, Buddy—no worries…soon enough. 

Last week you discovered that you can make your legs move in different ways just by thinking about doing so. You have been quite the master kicker for quite some time, but this month you have figured out that you actually control their every movement. I love watching how proud you were that you figured this out. I’ve watched it “a few” times. 🙂

You are almost sitting on your own, but you insist on standing instead so you topple over.  If you’d just convince yourself that sitting is a feat in and of itself, you’d have mastered it by now, I’m sure.  The determination that you have amazes me. I’ve never seen someone so willing to try and try again.  I hope that you hold onto that quality in life.  Things don’t always come easy, after all.

The other day you were able to pull yourself up onto your knees and hands (belly raised) but you weren’t sure what to do.  After a while, you tired and your tummy hit the floor.  It seems like either you get the arms right or the legs.  Once you figure out how to do the two together, we’ll have ourselves a master crawler.  It’s not for trying!  The grunts and groans are hilarious as you try so hard to figure out what you are supposed to do to get where you want to go.  I cherish these moments each and every day.

The sound of your own voice is something that you have come to love and adore.  Mama loves it too, Little Man, but it is sure getting louder and louder!  The other day Daddy and I found ourselves yelling at each other from two feet away because we were talking over you!  Something tells me that there will be many more moments like this.  It’s the curse that has befallen me from my mother, I’m sure!  heehee

You smile nonstop and you still use that charm of yours to your advantage.  But…you’re cute.  We’ll let it slide (for now).  Just don’t think that your Mama is a sucker. Those big brown eyes and wide open smile are only going to get you so far with me.  Okay, they may get you quite a ways with me.  I’ll admit it.  Just don’t count on that always working for you.  Your Grandma and Grandpa raised me better than that.

You’re growing like a weed and gaining weight as you should.  You have had one cold since you’ve been born and as far as sickness goes, that’s it!  The eczema is driving us crazy.  We have tried everything that we know to do, so we are off to the dermatologist soon to see if there is anything further that we can do.  It just seems to be getting worse and although you don’t fuss, I know from experience that it can’t be comfortable.

Still the wild child, you love to swing from side to side and be thrown into the air.  I’m sure that people think I am crazy for doing the things I do to you.  However, one look at that big smile or one sound of that belly laugh goes to show that you love every moment of it.  I’m not sure as to what this is going to mean for the future, but for now its great fun!

You are in size 3-6 months for the most part, and it seems that we need to go clothes shopping!  Most of your baby clothes are size 6-9 months and are winter / fall clothes.  You don’t have that many in 3-6 months and 3 months clothes are now getting pretty snug.  You do have a few things that are 6 months in size, but those are surely way too big for you just yet.  YAY!  Mama does love going clothes shopping for you.  Now we just have to convince Daddy. 🙂 

Here is a picture of your first night in your crib.  You slept in your room by yourself last night.  You did amazingly well.  Mama didn’t sleep much, but I’m sure that will get better with time.  You look SO tiny in that big crib.  It’s hard for me to have you so far away, but you seem much more comfortable in there.

Baby cereal by spoon and applesauce start this month—I’m excited to see how you do with this.  I know you are interested in Mama and Daddy’s food, for sure.  You are definitely a “supported sitter” and you show all of the signs that you are ready.  (Actually, you can sit alone for a little while!)  SOOOO…we are going to give it a try!  A few weeks ago you held your bottle for the first time.  You still do this occasionally.  I am hoping this becomes “always” soon. 🙂  I keep telling you that you are my “big boy”.  You just smile and squeal. 

My heart couldn’t dance any faster.
Love always,


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