Dear Birth Mother,

It sounds so cold and heartless to refer to you as “birth mother”.   I think of you in such a brighter light.   To us, you are family–so much more than the “person that birthed our child”.   It makes me cringe to label you as such, but for your own anonymity, I will for this purpose.

It sounds cliche, but there really are no words that can really justify our feelings for you.   Everything that we think to say just pales in comparison, no matter how hard we try express it.   Your life plan for your son gave us the greatest gift we have ever received.   You are as much of a blessing to  us as Logan is in our lives.

You are the most loving, selfless, and caring person I’ve ever known.  Your heart is something that amazes me every day.   You may not know it, but you are such a role model to me with my son and in my life.  I sort of love you…I think you know that.

You taught me what it really is to put yourself second for the sake of another.   I thought that I did this well until I met you.   The unconditional love that I saw from you is something I will never forget all the days of my life.   Logan will always know of your love just as he knows mine.   This is my promise to you.  

You said to me once, “Motherhood is amazing.   You’ll see.   It makes my heart glad to know that I can give that to you.”   It makes me tear up just thinking about that day.  I’ve never known an experience as beautiful as the one we share.  I may never again, so I will cherish it always.

I could see the pain in your face, but I could feel the sincerity and joy that you felt at the same time.   I believed you whole-heartedly.   I knew that you really were happy to be giving us this precious gift.

I knew that you were at peace with your decision.  You knew in that moment that even if it hurt you to place this precious baby with us, he would be loved like no other.  You knew that you would be making a difference to the lives of so many.  You knew that you were allowing me to be someone’s “mama”.  But most of all, you knew that this was best for Logan, and you knew that he’d understand.  Thank you for having such faith in me.  I won’t let you down.

I could go on forever, but I know you aren’t a fan of sappiness. 🙂   I miss you.   I haven’t heard from you in months.   I hope everything is well with you, but I understand that perhaps you just need to distance yourself for now.

“Love y’all” was the last thing I heard from you.  Those two words make me cry every time I think of them.  I still have that text message.  I know that you love us as much as we love you.   I just hope you know that our door is ALWAYS open to you. You are always welcome in our home.  

Family is always welcome here.

Love always,


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