Newsletter Month 7

Dear Logan,

Two days ago you turned seven months old.  Yesterday you pulled yourself up to a standing position without any assistance at all.  Today you learned to click your tongue.  Every day it’s something new!  Of course, we celebrate every achievement, even the “little things”.

I’ve been horrible at my updating lately.  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit drained of energy the past several weeks.  You are a ball of energy, my love.  Not that I’m complaining.  An active baby is a healthy baby. 🙂  I just need to get used to this before you are up on your feet and walking.  (Which, btw, may be sooner than later.)

You now pull yourself up to a seated position AND to a standing position.  You bounce around once you are standing and rock on your feet.  Once, you decided that you were going to edge around the corner of the sofa.  You fell.  Well, you rolled.  You weren’t hurt but you were soooo mad.  Moving with your standing walker is something that you do when you feel like it, but I still haven’t caught you on video.  Every time I pull out the camera you just stand there and smile at me.

You may or may not have been trained to do so.

This month you learned how to do so many other things as well, I don’t think that I can possibly list them all here.  Here are a few:  fake “laugh / cough”, click your tongue, make three or four new “sounds” (including “DADA”!), tease the dog, dance to music, growl, and you’ve started to crawl allll over the place.  You have been doing this, but it’s more of an actual crawl now.  Or at least I think it’s the crawl that you have decided is for you.  It gets you where you need to go.  That IS the point after all, yes?

We made our first trip to Ohio this month.  You got to meet your Uncle Matt FINALLY and many other family members and friends.  Everyone was thrilled to meet you and it was good for Mama to see them as well.  It had been a very long time.  Too long.  Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t keep their hands off of you.  It’s very hard on them to live so far away.  We set their computer up for Skype so that we can have you talk back and forth until they come back up here next summer.

Your pacifier is still only good at night and you now drink out of a sippy cup!  You eat 5 bottles a day and three meals.  You are only in the 30th percentile for weight.  We are adding cereal to all of your food, per the pedi’s suggestion. She says you are one of the most active six month olds babies (the last time we saw her was at your 6 month appointment) she has ever seen, so that’s probably the reason you are on the “thin” side.  You are in the 65th percentile in height and 80th percentile in head circumference.  Daddy jokingly says that’s all of those avocados you eat.  Brain food.  We are very proud of that 80th percentile.

You eat all kinds of things now.  I still make all of your baby food.  You are definitely a “texture” kind of kid.  You eat bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, oatmeal, avacados (baby guacamole as we call it–a mix of avacadoes, apples, and cereal), carrots, mango, and yogurt.  You also love “Puffs” and “Mum Mum’s”.  You don’t like the slimey bananas so much, but if it is really mixed into something else, you’re good with it.  You love banana mixed into things, but not so much by itself.

It blows my mind that you wear some 12 months clothing.  I still can’t get over that.  My little baby!  I promise that someday I’ll stop talking about you and “growing up”.  It just isn’t going to happen anytime soon.  I already miss my little baby…and you are still a baby.

As wild and crazy as ever, you love to swing around and flip upside down.  Not much really scares you, but you are still afraid of sudden, loud noises.  Your new sitter has several little children that she cares for, and I think that’s helping a little.  You seem to have learned a lot from those kids, I know that much is true.  After two days there, you came back crawling a few miles an hour.  I guess you are trying to keep up with the toddlers. 🙂

My friends say that they love how in love I am with you.  I really am.  Not a day goes by that I don’t look at you and feel my heart about to explode inside of my chest.  Sometimes I catch you staring at me and when I look at you, you just smile and tilt your head to the side.  That’s when I know that you feel the exact same way.  ❤

All my love,



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