Happy Little Trees? No Way.

Some people have such sweet stories of their baby’s “firsts”.   We’ve all heard those stories.  You know of the kind.  Those lovely little “sunshine-and-rainbows” kind of stories that make your heart turn to mush and are quickly followed by a familiar high-pitched “awwwhhh”!  This is not one of those kind of stories. Logan’s first real (intentional) smile was at 4 1/2 weeks old.  He smiled when I … Continue reading Happy Little Trees? No Way.

Newsletter Month 2

Dear Logan,Today you are officially two months old.  You outgrew your newborn diapers last week and since that day I’ve had to pack several of your newborn outfits (including your “bring home” outfit).  It’s a heavy feeling in my heart–time is flying by right before my eyes.  It seems like (literally!) you were born just a few days ago.  Yet here you are, our round little butterball, growing every day.  … Continue reading Newsletter Month 2