Conversations with a Ten Month Old (Yes, TEN Months)

We are starting to have small conversations now.  (Well as much as possible with a ten month old.  Ten month old?  *cries*) “Logan, your Mama loves you soooo, soooo much.  Do you know that?” “MaMA!!!”“Yeeeees?”“AAAAAAAAAAAAH!” “Logan, you have to leave your shoes and socks on.  It’s cold outside!” “pfffft.”“Don’t argue with me, son.  Mama knows things.”“Uh ohhhh.” “Red, yellow, green, blue.” “aaahhhohhh”“Yes.  Yellow.  Just like … Continue reading Conversations with a Ten Month Old (Yes, TEN Months)

Pat-a-Cake, Gymnastics, and “Yes Sir, No Sir”

Logan now knows to clap his hands by himself when you start to recite “Pat-a-Cake” to him.  He gets so proud of himself and it makes my heart so, so happy.   I never tire of seeing children’s faces when they learn something new or discover some kind of ability they didn’t realize that they had.  He can’t “roll” it yet, but he knows that Mama … Continue reading Pat-a-Cake, Gymnastics, and “Yes Sir, No Sir”

Ohio! (Not the armpit of America. Really.)

Our first trip to Ohio in November went shockingly amazingly well.  I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t a nervous wreck as we hit the road.  It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.  Logan slept almost the entire way–only waking to eat and to have a diaper change the next morning.  We were soon settled and we spent a lovely day watching the grands and Uncle Matt … Continue reading Ohio! (Not the armpit of America. Really.)

A City of Old and a Trip to the Island!

What happens when Daddy has training in Savannah?  Off we go for a MINI-VACATION!  We arrived on Tuesday evening and quickly settled into our hotel.  (We stayed at the Hilton DeSoto on E. Liberty Street, which I very highly recommend.  They have the best customer service ever, it’s very cozy, and it’s in a great location.)  We were starving so we loaded up the babe and headed out to … Continue reading A City of Old and a Trip to the Island!

Newsletter Month 8

Dear Logan, You are now a whopping eight months old.  You’re such a big boy now.  I rarely see little glimpses of my little bitty baby that I once knew.  It seems sad….sometimes it is.  But usually I am so impressed by your accomplishments and your personality that I can’t stay sad for long.  I love seeing you change and grow. Charisma isn’t something that … Continue reading Newsletter Month 8

Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

Our Little Logan has found his Big Voice.  That’s not to say that he JUST started making noises;  he’s been doing that for quite some time now.  These aren’t little baby “coo’s, ooh’s, and ahh’s”.  No, he now carries on full conversations with himself, his toys, the television, the cat, the bouncy seat, anyone or anything that will listen… And trust me you can’t help … Continue reading Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber