Ohio Trip 2015

We are home!

We spent last week in Ohio at my childhood home with my parents, laughing, snuggling, playing, reminiscing, and relaxing to the fullest.  Nothing refreshes my soul like a visit with my family.  Living so far away from them is SO incredibly hard for me, so these visits are vital to me in every way.


We arrived on Saturday with a sick little boy who quickly gave it to his sister.  I can’t keep them away from each other, so there was just no way around it.  He didn’t get horribly sick, just a little congestion and fatigue. (With Logan a little fatigue is like your “average” child. Haha)

Ruby started feeling a little off on Sunday morning.  By Sunday evening, she was pretty miserable.  The fever started in the middle of the night, and ran until the next day (up and down).  She also awoke Monday with the most horrific cough and we decided to take her on into Urgent Care (since we were away from home and our family doctor).

They diagnosed her with croup and an ear infection in her left ear.  She was sent home with antibiotics, and a pat on the back to us from the doctor for doing everything we could for her congestion to combat this thing.  (Thanks to myself and Matt for all of the respiratory knowledge from our childhoods.)

She started feeling better on Wednesday, but wasn’t really herself until Friday.  Logan was fine by this time—his immune system is killer.  We all got it.  Myself, my mom, Corey, and even Uncle Matt from his visit with us Monday.  The only one that stayed clear of it was my dad (argh).


Uncle Matt, Aunt Laura (Matt’s fiancé), and her little girl Kenzie, came over on Thursday and spent the afternoon with us.  Logan LOVES him some Kenzie. HAHAHA!  I didn’t realize until we were home that I didn’t get ONE single picture of them together!  (Mom fail.)

They were together earlier in the week when we met Uncle Matt for dinner, but WOW.  He was on overdrive Thursday.  It was all I could do to reel him in at ALL.  This is a kid that doesn’t have any young cousins locally, y’all.  He was so excited.

Friday came and went and Saturday moved in fast.  We stayed for the game (GO BUCKS!) and packed everything up into the car.  It is always bittersweet…leaving home.  Oh, how I wish I had family closer to home.  I know that I was the one that moved away.  I didn’t plan on meeting a local boy and getting married when I did.  It was supposed to be a little break away from the demons from my previous marriage.  Oops.

We arrived home around 2:30am on Sunday morning.  Logan woke up enough to RUN to his bed and say how happy he was to sleep there.  I understood.  There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  I know, Buddy.  Ditto.


We are hoping to make another trip in the spring, if all goes well.  We have to get there during another time of the year to go through some things in storage with my parents.  We’ve been putting it off for years.  Ruby will most likely be walking by then (she’s well on her way now).  Maybe we can sneak in some more friend and family visits then when it isn’t a holiday and the weather is nicer.

Hit me up, folks!  Here is hoping we can make it! ❤

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