Dear Logan, (10 months)

I don’t know that “Little Man”could BE any more fitting.  Each and every day you surprise me with the things you know and understand.  Just when I didn’t think it was possible, you steal my heart a little more. What happened last month?  Let’s see… 9 months, week 1 You really started to eat table food as part of your meals.  There are still a … Continue reading Dear Logan, (10 months)

Newsletter Month 8

Dear Logan, You are now a whopping eight months old.  You’re such a big boy now.  I rarely see little glimpses of my little bitty baby that I once knew.  It seems sad….sometimes it is.  But usually I am so impressed by your accomplishments and your personality that I can’t stay sad for long.  I love seeing you change and grow. Charisma isn’t something that … Continue reading Newsletter Month 8

Newsletter Month 7

Dear Logan, Two days ago you turned seven months old.  Yesterday you pulled yourself up to a standing position without any assistance at all.  Today you learned to click your tongue.  Every day it’s something new!  Of course, we celebrate every achievement, even the “little things”. I’ve been horrible at my updating lately.  I have to admit that I’ve been a bit drained of energy the … Continue reading Newsletter Month 7

Newsletter Month 5

Dear Logan, Today you tasted your first bite of sweet potatoes.  Today you recognized your name as yours for the first time.  Today you learned that if you do something cute and Mama and Daddy laugh, that you actually caused it to happen.  (This has led to countless games of “Peek a Boo”.)  Today you also turned five months old. You are becoming such a big boy!  We had to … Continue reading Newsletter Month 5

Newsletter Month 2

Dear Logan,Today you are officially two months old.  You outgrew your newborn diapers last week and since that day I’ve had to pack several of your newborn outfits (including your “bring home” outfit).  It’s a heavy feeling in my heart–time is flying by right before my eyes.  It seems like (literally!) you were born just a few days ago.  Yet here you are, our round little butterball, growing every day.  … Continue reading Newsletter Month 2