Yesterday Logan learned how to make raspberries with his mouth.  It’s now his new favorite trick.  He does this “gasping” noise (that scares the life out of you until you realize that he is doing it on purpose) to start.  This is quickly followed by the raspberries–lots and lots of raspberries.

What’s even funnier is the expression on his face.  I mean after all, extreme concentration is required for such a feat.  His eyebrows go together in the middle and his eyes look like they are about to bulge out of their sockets.  I’ve got to try to get it on video but that’s going to be a challenge.  Whenever he sees me he laughs when he does it–sweet, but not nearly as comical.

He’s so proud of himself and each of his little accomplishments.  Of course, we jump around and do somersaults every time he makes a new noise (or does anything new whatsoever).  Having a baby really does turn you into a clown act.

I’m going to try cereal by spoon again tonight.  The first “go ‘round” didn’t fare so well.  I’m hoping this time he doesn’t try to inhale the spoon again.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t try to make raspberries at dinner, although really wouldn’t surprise me.  No worries, I’ll keep the video rolling just in case.  I’m sure all of my great friends and family would enjoy watching Logan spew cereal all over me.  You can always count on your family and close friends to find great entertainment in your personal humiliation…at least in my world.

Laugh it up, kids.  I’m sure I have it coming.


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