Month Nine

Month eight was chock full of adventures, milestones, and sickness.  In month 8, week #1, you caught what we thought was a cold.  You ran a fever and had a snotty nose.  You were whiny and altogether just not happy.  It lasted for about four days and then you were back to your spunky self.

First Trip to the Play Park

In week #2 you were much, much better so you went with Mama and Daddy on your first REAL vacation.  We went to Savannah and to the beach at Tybee Island! You loveddd the beach so much.  You were truly in awe as you just soaked in every sound, every breeze, every new texture, every smell.

You started crawling “for real” on this trip, as in up on all fours.  Wanna know why?  BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T WANT THE COLD SAND TO TOUCH YOUR BELLY.  Truth.  You felt it for all of five seconds and that’s al it took to get that belly to lift off of the ground.  You’ve been crawling like this ever since.  (Unless of course you are in turbo speed.  In which case you resort to your old method as it is apparently much faster.)

All was well and wonderful and then….

Week #3 brought the flu.  It broke my heart to see you so very sick.  You felt so terrible.  You couldn’t keep anything down (or in you, for that matter) and you didn’t do much of anything but lay around.  Which, we ALL know is NOT like you in any way.  Don’t do that often, Buddy.  Mama can’t take it.

I suppose this was your first true “sickness” as the cold you caught earlier was more than likely teething.  We realized this when in week #4 of month eight you cut your two front teeth!  I’ve been trying to get a picture of them, but so far this is the best I could do:

Which brings us to month #9.  We have bigger and better plans for this month.  You started walking with your walk-behind walker for “real” this month.  Since then  you  have pretty much taken to walking with your music table.  I don’t know why, but you think this method is way cooler.

You now say “Nana” quite frequently and are working on “Pawpaw”.  I don’t think that you’ve quite figured out that the names go WITH them as of yet, but you definitely do say, “Nana”.  You can say the “Pa” part of “PawPaw”, but haven’t yet put it together.  They are both on pins and needles awaiting the day you actually say, “hey Nana” and “hey Pawpaw”.  It shouldn’t be long now. 🙂

You love to push buttons of all kinds and you continue to be absolutely fascinated with computer / LCD screens.  You’ll spot one from across the room and make a beeline straight for it.  Daddy and I joke that most kids learn to walk with cookies and you are going to learn to walk with by bribing you with the cell phone.
I don’t think walking is too far off in your future as you walk around things and even from one thing to another all of the time.  The other day you were actually RUNNING down the length of the couch.  You have places to go!

You wear 6-9 mo pants and 12 months tops and sleepers, for the most part.  In some sleepers, you are in 18 months size.  You still only use your paci when you sleep and you still love people more than anything in the world.
You are the sunshine of my life, Logan.  It makes my heart so happy every morning when you look at me and say, “hey ma” and when you give me kisses with a big smile at bedtime.  Well, and every minute in between.

It seems so routine…you being here.  It’s hard to believe that it was just not too long ago that we were searching and searching for the child that was to be ours.  It seemed like it was just never going to happen.  Now it seems like it always was.
❤ always,

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