Logan’s Story–A Beginning

Logan’s birth story and how he came to be with us, may be considered strange and unusual to most.  Some may be in disbelief when they find out how it happened.  Some say that he was meant for us from the beginning.  We prefer to think of it as an unfortunate life situation that produced a blessing led to our family by God above. 

Two years ago we tried to adopt a baby boy.  We were approached by his biological grandmother, who led us to his biological father.  We were estatic.  We began to plan for the new love in our life and were devastated when it fell through just weeks before his birth.  It was one of the saddest times in my life.

A few weeks later I held this baby in my arms.  It was one of the most confusing moments of my life.  I loved him and I couldn’t help it.  I had to leave without him that day.  To this day he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him.  He may never know it, but he has a piece of my heart always.

Let’s back up a little.  Logan’s birth family has known my husband’s family for years.  We are very close to his biological grandmother.  She is currently raising seven of her grandchildren in her home.  She’s an absolutely amazing person who we are blessed to have in our lives.

We love these kiddos dearly and from time to time for the past few years, they come to our home and stay for the night / weekend.  We visit often, and we consider their family as part of our own.   (The child that we almost adopted is not one of these children, to clarify.)

Logan’s birth father is a twin.  His twin brother is the father of the child we tried to adopt two years ago.  He and his girlfriend (Logan’s birth mother) had an “oopsy daisy” baby two years ago when we were trying to adopt said brother’s baby. 

*Still following??*

When this baby was born, Logan’s birth mother decided to have her tubes tied.  She now had five children and decided that she was “done”.  Logan’s birth father told us that together they have 14 children.  I suppose they figured “enough is enough” which is respectable.

Fast forward to two years later…

Logan’s birth mother finds out (much to her surprise) that the procedure did not take and she is pregnant yet again.  She’s too far along to have an abortion, and has mixed feelings about it anyway.  She talks to Logan’s birth father and they decide together that they want to consider adoption.

(Enter the Palmer family and a phone call that changed our lives forever.)

That’s how we came to get our precious boy.  Of course there are more details, more “bits and pieces” and much more emotion that I did not go into here in this post. 

But truly, his story is an amazing one.  He will grow up knowing his biological half brothers and sisters well.  If his bio parents decide that they want to have a closer relationship with him in the future, they have this option.  If not, we understand.  Logan will know how loved he is by them regardless of what happens.

Of course we love him more than life itself. 🙂

What a grand story you have, Little Man.  It’s a lot to walk into in this life, but I have no doubt that you will continue to make the story even more spectacular on your own.  Enjoy every single minute.  That’s the best advice anyone ever gave to me.  It may sound simple, but there is great truth and happiness in that statement.  That is what I wish for you most of all.



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