Jibber Jabber Jibber Jabber

Our Little Logan has found his Big Voice.  That’s not to say that he JUST started making noises;  he’s been doing that for quite some time now.  These aren’t little baby “coo’s, ooh’s, and ahh’s”.  No, he now carries on full conversations with himself, his toys, the television, the cat, the bouncy seat, anyone or anything that will listen…

And trust me you can’t help but listen.

Corey and I often find ourselves having to turn up the television and/or our voices just to be able to hear over this little guy.  Sometimes in the midst of said serious/hilarious conversation he will pause.  This is when we brace ourselves because these pauses are always followed by a deep breath and then a LOUD YELL to the universe. 

Apparently he has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to say it.

This morning our (lovely) cat knocked something over at 4:45 am causing a loud noise and awaking the entire house.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, this included Logan (who was sleeping in the other room).  Corey and I settled back into bed and were going for two more hours of sleep when suddenly we heard Logan fussing “someone” out over the baby monitor.

“It looks like it’s good morning for us,” my husband sighed.  We snickered and rolled ourselves out of bed.  We walked into Logan’s room to see him lying there having a very in depth conversation with his mobile.  I’m not sure what the mobile was saying, but from the look on his face and from his side of this conversation, that mobile was surely talking smack to that baby.

“Now you know that’s not a good way to start off the morning,” I stated.  He looked up at his sleepy-eyed parents, started kicking his legs and smiled from ear to ear.  There we stood, super heroes in pajamas to have saved him from that horrible conversation.  It’s good to be needed.  (We need a theme song.)

Last night, Corey and I were watching, “America’s Got Talent”. I do believe that it took us about an hour and a half to watch the program.  Wehad to keep rewinding the acts we couldn’t hear because Logan was “talking” for an HOURAND A HALF NONSTOP.   I kid you not.  The kid wore himself out with all of that chattering.

I’ve joked about how my mother cursed me.  When I was younger,she and my father would always joke about how when I had a child that they hoped it would never shut up.  I was a bit of a chatterbox as a child/teenager.(Okay…adult.)  I am sure that I had this one coming.  Thanks, Karma. 

I talk a good talk, but if the truth be told, his chattering is music to my ears.  He’s such a happy baby and I’m grateful for that.  I’ll remember these sounds forever.  I’m sure the day is coming very soon when I’ll wish for these days again.  I’ll keep this post to remind myself of that statement.

On second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be trying so hard to teach him to say, “Mama”.

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