“This is the last time it’s going to be just us.” 

I did tear up a little upon saying it.  It wasn’t sadness that I felt.  It was not regret.  It was excited expectation of our lives as they were to become.  It was also years of struggle finally coming to fruition. It was a little bittersweet as I was going to miss elements of our “old life”, yes.  I wasn’t sad about losing those things, but it was a moment full of all sorts of emotions.  Corey reached over and put his arm around me and smiled. Together we walked through those hospital doors.  

Our son was born just an hour and a half later. 

My very good friend, Amanda, is about to embark on this experience and this hit home for her last night as she was looking at her infants clothes packed in her suitcase.  Reality check.  Panic.  Excitement.  Meltingggg heart.  Yes, in that order.  It was heartwarming for me to walk with her as it was happening.  I felt all of the emotions of the day my son was born come right back to me again. 

I love adoption so much—it does my heart good to see this with my friends.  It’s an emotional roller-coaster, for sure!  (Okay, perhaps sometimes it feels more like jumping from a cliff, but you get the gist.)  They say everything good in life is worth the struggle…worth the wait.  I can’t think of anything more worth the wait when I look at my son.  I love seeing that in my friends just the same.

We talked about how it really hits home one day.  You know it’s coming, even if it’s only a couple of months weeks hours before the child’s birth.  You realize that you are going to become someone’s mama.  But there’s always that defining moment when it totally hits you.  Mama….me.

Would we do it again?  Absolutely.  I suppose that is the part most similar to pregnancy.  They say once you birth a child and you fall in love, that the pain of childbirth seems to fade away.  It’s like that with adoption, too.  You don’t forget the struggle, but it seems that you can leave it in the past. 

Did you hear that, MOM!?  I’m leaving the past in the past.  Aren’t you proud of me? 🙂

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