Conversations with a Ten Month Old (Yes, TEN Months)

We are starting to have small conversations now. 
(Well as much as possible with a ten month old.  Ten month old?  *cries*)
“Logan, your Mama loves you soooo, soooo much.  Do you know that?”


“Logan, you have to leave your shoes and socks on.  It’s cold outside!”

“Don’t argue with me, son.  Mama knows things.”
“Uh ohhhh.”

“Red, yellow, green, blue.”

“Yes.  Yellow.  Just like Ella.  Ella is yellow.”
“Ella isn’t a pig.  She’s an elephant.  Piggies go *snort*, Logan.”
“ah babababababa”

“Daydee aaaah”

“Daisy hush?”  (maybe?)
“Daydee aaaah”
“Daisy hush.  Yes, hushhhhh.”
“ah babababababa”

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