Dear Ruby (six months)

Dear Ruby,

This morning you cooed and cooed as I held you close to me.  I probably held you for longer than I should have.  I was almost late to work this morning because I stayed just a little longer.  I didn’t care.  You need your mama for just a few more minutes.

You had shots yesterday AND you are teething.  This doesn’t make for a very happy baby.  You are definitely no exception.  So far, you haven’t ran a fever or been physically ill, just in pain and tired.  It makes my mama heart sad to have to leave you behind.

You are just six months.  Yet, time seems to already be going so swiftly.  It’s as if you went from one month to six without any time in between.  People always tell you “time flies”.   You never really feel that for what it means until you have children of your own.

11079614_803966336351782_5630073298858210844_n 12006155_883440625071019_5517326843282325415_n

And I have always thought you were the most beautiful baby.  I don’t know how you keep getting prettier.



Your brother started school last month and you miss him SO much.  This means it is extra fun for me when you get to see him at the end of the day.


Your adoption was finalized last month.  You are officially one of us kid.  I think you are ready.

12066068_893468274068254_8013973495513673291_n 11219616_893327427415672_4494158758022641438_n

It’s hard to imagine our lives without you now.  It feels like you’ve been with us for three years.  It feels like you were part of us from the moment we decided to adopt again.  You are exactly what we had been dreaming of, Ruby Annelisse.


12074537_896966010385147_1831619239880677199_n 11953123_880107508737664_1854136116692666914_n 11988204_883871738361241_3931666269534823960_n 11904734_885317898216625_4137795860040063026_n

Aunt Amanda came for your adoption party and you took to her like a fish to water.  You have been a little leary of strangers lately, but I think you knew Amanda was one of “us”.  You had so much fun with her while she was here.  She can’t seem to get enough of MISS RUBY!


You have two teeth, you laugh and tease, and you flirt like crazy. You love “your people”, your wubby, your blanket, and your ooby.  Your brother is your best friend.   You have the best rolls EVER, you are 17 lbs 10 oz, 27″ long, and in the 90th percentile for everything.  You have come so far from where you started, sweet girl.   You are taking the world by storm and showing them what you’ve got.  I hope you ALWAYS do.

My heart always,


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