New Adventures To Come!!!!!! (And Meet MY Amanda)


I call her mine. Of course she isn’t JUST mine. She belongs to many people that love her. Her mother, her other family members, many friends, and many random internet trolls. I’m just staking my claim to her.

She is beautiful. Inside and out—she is gorgeous. If she loves you, she will go above and beyond to prove that to you. I’m talking actions, not just words. She is in Georgia right now because she took a bus 10 hours to get here for Ruby’s two hour adoption party. She is staying a week.

The last time she came, it was to help with babysitting when we were strapped. We couldn’t get anyone local to help us, yet there she was, ready and willing. She jumped on a bus and took it straight to Atlanta, no questions asked.

And I’m not even counting all of the phone calls and texts she has made to me just to check on me throughout this crazy adoption process!

She also knows that I am here for her always. She has gone through a lot in the past four years, and traveled some crazy roads to where she is now. I’m proud of her. She overcame so much. She is so much stronger than she even knows.

She loves my kids like an aunt and they love her the same.  I am so blessed to have her in my life, as are they.  Amanda is truly a godsend to our little family, and I hope she knows how much she is loved by us!

We are starting a new business adventure together and I can’t imagine anyone else I would rather do this with than Amanda. She pulls her weight, gives fantastic input (she has awesome ideas), and she knows how to keep me grounded. That’s a feat in itself. I am the gas and she is the brakes of this operation, trust.

We will be soon launching our new fabric line and with that, we are off and taking orders. I can’t wait to see where this goes. I have a feeling this is going to be such a good thing. What is it, you ask?



JustBE Sensory – Weighted Blankets and Lap Pads!

We will be branching out with other products eventually, but this is where we are starting. Some of you are probably familiar with these products, as many of my followers are foster parents, and (unfortunately) many of your babes are faced with certain challenges that makes being calm, relaxing, and grounding themselves…difficult. To those of you who are not familiar, here is a list of disorders / special needs that these products are proven to assist with in comfort and calming:

  • Austism
  • Asperger’s
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • ADD
  • ODD
  • PTSD
  • Down Syndrome
  • SPD and other sensory issues (not necessarily diagnosed as SPD)
  • RAD
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cancer

What are these lap pads you speak of?

Lap pads are particularly great to have for your littles (or yourself) in environments where they are asked to be calm and still yet a bigger blanket is not conducive.  These are typically used for school, church, office work, and car rides, but can be used in any situation where this would be helpful.

The Design and Fabrics:

The blankets have a print on one side and minky fabric on the other. This isn’t by accident. Sometimes prints can overstimulate these kiddos, so the solid color on the minky side is important. ALSO, the minky adds a bumpy and soft texture that is very appealing and calming to kids and adults who struggle with any of these issues.

The blankets come in three sizes, and the lap pads come in one size only: 24″ square.

We use high quality quilting fabric (no skimping here!) on all of our blankets and lap pads. The minky is the best we could find, in order to get the most longevity from your blanket. Cheaper minky will not wash up or stay textured as long as the brand we purchase for our product. We have a line of fabrics to choose from; however, a custom design is available for a consultation fee of $10.00 to locate, select, and order your particular fabric.

The Weights:

Each blanket is weighted according to the weight of the person it is to be for specifically. The standard rule is 10% of body weight + 1 or 2 pounds additional. This assures that the blankets are heavy enough to be beneficial, yet not too heavy to cause discomfort.

The weights are small, virgin (no chemical reactions here!) poly pellets that are completely washing machine and dryer safe. They are a plastic product, so the blankets will continue to be soothing and not noisy upon movement. These weights are distributed throughout in equal parts in 4” square “pockets”. It’s important that the distribution is even throughout to ensure the weight is disbursed evenly as well.

Well!  How Do I Find You?

We are on Facebook as “Just Be Sensory” and on Instagram under Please feel free to join us and support our new adventure! You can spread the word to your family and friends as well! The benefit of weighted products is truly amazing. I’ve seen what it can do! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on FB or Instagram, or email us here:  We also have a blog on WordPress just for our business:!

We hope to hear from you!

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