Name Change

Many of you may have noticed that we changed Ruby’s middle name.  We just weren’t in love with the way that her original name flowed, and when we called her by her name…it just didn’t seem to “fit” her.  So we dug.  We wanted to find something that still greatly honored her birth mother, my mother, Corey’s grandmother, and my best friend Alison (who passed away many years ago and whom I promised my first daughter to be her namesake).

LeAnne and I talked at length about the change and she LOVED it the minute she heard it.  She said, “it’s perfect”.  That’s when we announced it.  It was important to us that she approved of it.  Not because we feel that we needed her approval, but because we WANTED it.  LeAnne deserves that.  She has been a blessing to us in many ways, not just because of Ruby, but also because of Ruby.  We were not going to take this away from her.

So without further avail….we announce our daughter’s name that will be official on court day…

11800508_861886830559732_8479182400661672337_n11755479_869195716495510_7439825441693635919_nAnne is for LeANNE, Lisse is for Alison, Lisabeth, and Elisabeth inclusive.  We call it perfection.


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