LeAnne came home after two days away around 1:00 yesterday.  She was perfectly fine until around 7:30 when we ate dinner.  She started feeling sick to her stomach, nauseous, and in pain.  She started actually losing fluids from both ends around 8 or 9 and it just kept happening.  When the contractions set in at about 11:00, she asked to go to the hospital.


We arrived there around 11:30 and were there until 3:00am.  She was pretty dehydrated.  The doctors said that she had to have already been dehydrated before she started getting sick, but that it seemed like she has a stomach virus causing her to just lose more.  The contractions were from the dehydration.

They pumped a bag of saline and a bag of saline with sodium chloride into her pretty quickly.  Her heart rate was elevated when we got there (as was baby’s of course).  The OB nurse commented on how the baby was trying to regulate her own heart rate outside of that and said she was a fiesty little thing. (lol)


The contractions slowed and her stress leveled out.  I think I was asleep around 3:30 or 4:00 (somewhere in between).  At 4:30 she knocked on the door saying she couldn’t feel her legs.  But she was standing on them, so I knew it wasn’t that she really couldn’t FEEL them.  She was having pins and needles sensations in them–probably from the amount of fluid and swelling cutting off some circulation.

I called the hospital and they were anything BUT helpful.  I Googled. (Thanks, GOOGLE!)

They said to have her lay on her left side and try to relax.  If she couldn’t get relaxed, we were to stick her in the tub.  But she fell asleep so we tried to doze off as well.  It wasn’t long before she was up again getting sick to her stomach.  I think we were all up and down all night long.

This morning she was asleep when I left for work with a jug of water beside her.  We are just keeping an eye on her for now.  She has an appointment with her OBGYN Thursday morning.  Here is hoping she makes it to then! ❤


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