ER Trip #1

We had a hospital scare last week. LeAnne started having contractions (really strong ones, half an hour apart). She had around four of them so we took her in just to be checked out.   Several hours later they sent us back saying that they think it was a urinary tract infection. We never really received official word back that it was, but there were bacteria in her urine so they had her schedule a doctor’s appointment with her OB.


She sees the doctor next Tuesday for a follow up. I’m going with her to ask the hard questions. The hospital DID say that the baby is perfect. Her heartbeat is strong and her movement is excellent.   She said that she is neurologically perfect. After Logan and his neurological delay at birth (hence no sleeping at all for us for two months–not even two hour stretches), that was a sigh of relief for this family!

She hasn’t had anymore of the heavy contractions like that—the hospital said it was probably also a bit of dehydration and for her to drink a lot of water. Easier said than doneeee, I’m afraid. We are trying to get her to drink more water, but she is a stubborn one!

The baby has grown a lot in the past few days from the looks of LeAnne’s belly. Perhaps it was a bit of stretching as well. Her stomach has been itching a lot and she has some more stretch marks on the underside. We are using cocoa butter to try to keep that at bay. She seems to be getting a little more excited about the baby coming soon. The hospital checked and she wasn’t dilated at all so…keep on baking sweet girl!


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