Update – Week One!

LeAnne has been here with us for a week officially tomorrow. The first two days were an adjustment for everyone, as expected.   Don’t get me wrong; there wasn’t any drama—just everyone settling in and some uneasiness at first. As of day three, it was lovely. We truly love having her here and when we say she is family to us, we mean it. We love seeing her change and grow every day (emotionally and physically haha).   Getting to know her on a different level has been so beneficial for ALL of us.

She also gets to see us parent and see our routine each and every day. She gets to see firsthand how she fits into our family and how Ruby will as well. I can’t imagine that is anything but helpful to her. If I were to ever have been in her situation, I’d think that would comfort me so much. I see how much it comforts LeAnne.

Last week we were pretty focused on the shower and planning everything for the party. This week we are going to be looking into changing doctors to somewhere more local and calling the hospital for a tour. I think that touring the unit will help familiarize her and make it much more comfortable when she goes into labor.

We will also be looking into Lamaze and some other birthing / coaching options. We did learn last week that her middle sister will be joining her at the hospital for the birth. This was music to my ears! We have been pretty worried about her having emotional support OUTSIDE of us. We feared that she would only have us there.   It’s so important to us that she has someone else there just for HER.

Hopefully we will be starting to decorate the nursery soon. I know that she will love being able to help in all of that. She is currently sleeping in the nursery, as it is also our guest room at this point. 😉 I almost fell over dead when she suggested baby pink. That is SO unlike LeAnne…lol!

Maybe this baby will make you a girly-girl after all, woman! (bahahahaa)

When we first agreed to let LeAnne come here, people gasped. Many people messaged me, texted me, called me, and pulled me aside to tell me how crazy we were to do this. I simply said to most of them, “It will be okay. She needs us.” It’s true.   That’s what family does, after all.   Everyone needs a soft place to land from time to time. She has a lot going on. This move isn’t about anything other than helping her through this process, helping her figure out what she wants to do, and helping to get her there.

We help each other grow.   That is what family is about. I’ve said it many times before.

We aren’t perfect but we forgive quickly and we love hard. It’s what we do. It works for us. It’s what we will always, always do. We aren’t in this just for the baby. This is a life long relationship. It doesn’t end when that baby is ours legally. It never ends. That’s the beauty in open adoption. I realize it is hard for some people to grasp and to many it is “sharing” our child and she will never be “ours”. I see it so differently. I see it as we gain a daughter and a little sister. One that has stolen our hearts in more ways than one.


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