She Calls Me “Baby Mama”

You guys.  This girl has just stolen my heart.  I know that a lot of it is my admiration for her carrying what will be our child and knowing that she is going to be placing with us one of the greatest gifts of our lives.  It really goes deeper than that.  I love her so much for so many other reasons as well.

I love her heart.  She genuinely cares about others.  She may not have always made the best decisions, but she learns from them.  We all make mistakes.  I know I’ve made my FAIR SHARE.   It’s what we learn from them that are important.  That’s the lesson.  I love that she can admit when she has made mistakes and also that she can see what she learned from them just as clearly.


She is steadfast. She thought about this decision for so long before making it known to us. It’s a wise trait.   I can’t say that it is one that “I” came to find until much later in life.

I know that this situation has made her grow up very quickly.   It will continue to do so.   Placing a child is probably the hardest thing she will ever have to do. When this baby makes her way into the world, LeAnne will be a different person than she was a year before.

If she were my daughter, I’d be very proud of her. I don’t know her parents that well, but I do know that they are quite proud of her decision to do what is right for her child. It takes a big person to do this. It takes a whole lotta love.


LeAnne thinks I’m a sap. She may be right, but I also know she loves it. I guess she has no doubt that this baby will be loved! Hahaha!

Logan is getting pretty excited about the baby coming.   He still has moments of “this is MY family”, but those are going away. He mostly is just happy to be a big brother. He thinks it’s his superhero name. “Big Brother Logan”, he says.

And me? I think that’s pretty fabulous.

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