Maybe Baby

We received a call last night about a possible adoption.  The expectant mother lives just east of here (approximately 45 min away).  She is young and scared.  The phone call said that the baby was biracial, due March 31st, and the gender is unknown.

We don’t really know anything more, only that she is wanting to place the baby and asked her preacher to reach out for her.  That being said, when we contacted the number we received for her, she simply responded back, “wrong person”.

We are confirming the phone number with the preacher today.  Hopefully, we just had the wrong number and the next step will be more positive.  Then again, it could have been her and she is really, really afraid to talk.  I am empathetic towards that.

I’ll keep everyone posted as we hear more, but for now…this is all we know.  She is in our prayers as I’m sure her world is topsy-turvy right now–regardless of placement.  Being young and faced with a decision like this has to be insanely hard.  Please pray for her with us?

Thank you all. xoxo

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