If I had my way, I’d be home every day with my son. I’d be right there for everything, helping him learn, grow, and become.

But we have another adoption to fund. Adoption is expensive (average cost is $35,000).  (Yes, I know foster adoption is no cost and if I had my way that is what we would do.  Please read my past posts on this issue before you send me hate mail or advice. xoxo)  Until this adoption is complete and paid for, two incomes is a must for our little family.

I’m working on ways to be able to make money and stay at home; however, that is probably a few years off in the distance. Which means (of course) that I get to work while my kids are small and in their most formative years. (Enter tears.)

This also means that I must depend on others to be there for my children whilst I am working. In a best-case-working-mom-scenario, I’d have either family keeping my kids that I know and trust, or I’d have the best day care center available in which to send them.

This leaves us with a few options–some of which are good and some of which are not so good. We had Logan in a FANTASTIC daycare center that we loved so, so dearly. It may not have been what some locals thought was high-class, but it was perfect for Logan and we loved everything about it as well. From someone with extensive daycare experience: bells and whistles do NOT equate good care and education.

It was a small center with small classrooms, the best teachers, and a (squeal from the kids) swimming pool. The kids were all best friends (most of the time). The teachers loved the kids as their own. They taught my son so much about friendships, manners, respect, and not to mention gave him an incredible start to his education. We couldn’t have been happier.

And then it burned to the ground one night to never be built up again.



I cried. You guys. I was seriously devastated. My son was so upset—he talked about his “big boy school” for months with sadness in his eyes.

We sent him to a friend of mine until we could find something else. She probably would have kept him forever, but she was going back to teaching and well…it WAS a temporary situation. Logan then went to stay with Jessica.

Jessica is Jaidyn’s mom. Jaidyn is Logan’s birth sister. I know. It’s crazy and probably quite uncommon in the world of adoption, but really…how perfect!  I was SO incredibly happy with this situation and my son was THRILLED. I don’t know that anyone could ever have compared to his “Jessca” and “her kids”. (hahahahaha)

One day Jessica became ill and had to stop watching Logan. It was going to be a while before she was better. We moved him to another sitter. It was never the same. We weren’t happy from the beginning. There were a lot of reasons, but I don’t believe in bashing people in a public forum unless I feel there is a reason to be concerned of them hurting someone else.  Our reasons were reasons that I’m sure the other parents with children in her care already see.


Jessica is healthy again (yay!) and is more than willing to keep Logan at her house again. {ENTER HAPPY DANCE HERE!}  Jessica home schools her kids so she is a teacher by nature. Logan learns so much there. Her kids are amazing. They are so incredibly respectful, sweet, and KIND. Logan’s behavior reflects his environment so much. This is so much better for him. Jessica is much more aligned with what we are aiming for with Logan in his life, so this just makes sense.



When we told Logan, he literally did his happy dance.  This morning my son was happy to go somewhere other than home and Nana’s for the first time in a very long time. He didn’t fight us to get dressed or beg us to go somewhere else. He was up and rearing to go.

My heart? Oh y’all. I’m so happy and so at ease. It makes being a working mama a little easier when you know your kids are safe and happy. It makes it even easier when you know that they are with people that love them and genuinely care about what happens to them.

Besides…Jessica texts me little “Loganisms”, photos, and videos all day long.

And well…I love that. ❤


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