Palmer Ohio Trip 2014

Last week, my little family took our fall trip to Ohio. We saw family that we had missed dearly, friends that I haven’t seen in years, and met some friends for the first time in “real life”.  It was lovely.

We arrived on Saturday evening and spent that night with my parents. It still amazes me how small everything looks compared to how it seemed when I was a little girl wandering around that neighborhood. Yards that used to be so vast to me now seemed just a few steps from one side to the other. Rooms in my parent’s house seem so little now. I remember them being so much larger. It’s funny how that happens.

It’s nice to be “home”.   The familiarity always settles my spirit a bit. No matter where I go in this world, and for as long as I am blessed to wander this earth, that little town nestled in the fields of Ohio will always be my soul’s home.


Sunday we traveled to a little family fun center in the middle of the country. (Seriously…it was smack dab in the middle of NOWHERE.)   There I met one of my longest Instagram friends (Danielle) and a “newer to me” friend (Kimmie). Both of them I love and adore, and I was so happy to finally wrap my arms around their necks! We had so much fun! Danielle’s kids and Logan loved this place! I’m sure all went home happy and exhausted.   🙂


IMG_20141123_153206  IMG_20141123_153327

I love my Instagram adoption community more than I can even say! They have been there for me through so very much, and I hope that they can say the same of me. There is a common bond between all “parts” of adoption, and I have loved on these girls from afar for WAAAAY too long. It was so beautiful to finally see their faces in person. I wasn’t disappointed. They were both just as I’d imagined them to be. Exactly who they are online is exactly who they were.   That made me happy and restored my faith in online friendships (especially after a daily relationship for five months with an adoption scammer).

(Also where Logan got into his first actual fist fight with another boy. Preschooler wars over mega-blocks…very serious.)

We left the bouncy houses around 3:00 (I’m still sad that I left my wine, Danielle) and headed back to my parent’s home for dinner. My brother was there with his girlfriend and her daughter. This was our first time meeting the two of them. Corey, Logan, and I were SO tired, but we had a great time anyway getting to know them a little bit. Of course, her daughter and I clicked right away. I’m sad that I didn’t take more photos of them, but my phone was completely dead after the Kangaroo Cave!!!


We met up with some high school friends of mine during the week and that was FABULOUS. It had been so long since I’d seen them, and it made my heart so happy to be able to remember some good times, share some new stories, and make some new memories. My little middle of nowhere town produced some pretty amazing people, y’all.   There was hugging. There was substantial laughter. There was wine.


The remainder of the week was filled with family things…shopping, food, and conversation…the typical “Ohio visit” kind of thing. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty relaxing—my sweet friend Tracy came to see us on Thursday and she and Logan became FAST friends. LOL! This is the third time he’s been around her in person, but I don’t think he remembered. He is still talking about her.  My two favorite adoptees in life:


Saturday came all too quickly. We awoke and started packing for our ten-hour drive back home to Georgia. But first we needed to make a pit stop in Dayton to see one of my dearest (and one of the first adoptive mama’s I met online) friends, Safa, and her family. I squealed when I saw them.   The visit was too fast (and we actually stayed longer than we should have considering we had a long drive ahead of us).



Our trips always go way too quickly when we travel there. So many people to see, so little time. Even a week never seems long enough. We may be planning another trip in the spring…we will see.

Until then, thank you, world geniuses for the Internet and cell phones. ❤


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