Newsletter – Two 1/2

Dear Logan,
Today you are officially two and a half!   You are such a big boy.  I remember saying how much time flies in so many of these letters to you, but now I look back at 6 months, 9 months, a year, and it all pales in comparison. 
I love watching you learn and grow.  Every day is a new adventure! In six months, you will be considered to be preschool age. It will seem like tomorrow and you will be in kindergarten.  It hurts my heart a little to think of it, but I’m so proud of your each and every accomplishment.

You are so much like me it’s scary. Grandma and Grandpa get the biggest kick out of your antics because they say you are payback to all of the drama I caused as a kid. Me?   Never.  Don’t let them fool you. 😉
I LOVE your free spirit and all of the shenanigans that you try to pull. I often laugh behind your back after I try to scold you for something because it KILLS me that you have figured some of these things out. It never fails to amaze me the things that come out of your mouth. You definitely know how to make an impression, that’s for sure.

Everywhere we go, you attempt to make new friends. You usually succeed. People continue to be drawn to you. They can’t believe that you are only two and a half because you carry on conversations and have the understanding of a five year old. Sometimes that makes me sad, but mostly it makes me proud. I love your independence and your quirky sense of humor. Sarcasm is something you are really grasping now. I don’t think that you could be a Palmer and not have this trait. It’s something you come by honest growing up in this family.

You really love “big boy school” now (daycare). You adore “Miss Kat” and look forward to seeing her every day. No longer do you beg to stay with Mama or make me hold your hand as you walk in. You got this. You walk in and all of the big kids announce your arrival. That’s when you begin the strut. The “I-Know-Right? I’m-Here-Kids, Carry-On” strut. I chuckle every single morning as you continue to love your celebrity status.

Mr. Personality. I don’t know that anything could sum you up more than that. But on top of that, you are sweet and caring, and you love your “Mama/Daddy Day’s” more than anything on the planet. The Happy Dance that you do whenever you find out that it is Saturday makes my heart swell with happiness. I hope you always love to spend time with us, Bug. We may not always be the most entertaining people that you could be around, but I’m so, so glad that you have such a strong sense of “home”.

I’m so proud to be your mama. Nothing on earth has ever made me happier. You fill our days with laughter, smiles, and tired nights. You make our world brighter each and every day. Life could have taken a different turn. I could have never known you. The fact that I get to hug and kiss you every single day? It’s what I’ve dreamed of my entire life.
You make my heart complete.

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