The croup is no fun at all, y’all. Logan went to daycare Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday when I picked him up, I noticed a bad cough from across the room.

“Oh, that little one has a bad cough,” I said to the teacher.

“Yes, she does,” was her response.

That night, I heard that same cough coming from Logan’s room. The next morning he awoke with a fever, the same cough x 2, and breathing like a freight train. I called into my job and stayed home with the little guy. I love his snuggles, but not for this reason. He was pitiful. My little boy who is always SO full of life, was laying around and just so lethargic. Thursday, Corey stayed home with him and when I returned from work, he was a spitfire.

“Well you are certainly feeling better,” I said to him.

“I better and I happy!” he retorted. Corey said his fever had been at bay most of the day, and he was still on his breathing treatments. Corey did another treatment before he went to bed. This morning he was a little congested, but up and ready to go. When he is sick, it hits him hard, but it doesn’t usually take much before he is feeling better again. There’s nothing like having a kid that can’t breathe.

And suddenly I understood my mother’s pain throughout my childhood.

Two kids with severe asthma, one (my brother) so bad that he was on breathing treatments for most of his younger years. I remember the two of us being sick for most every holiday from school. To us, not being able to breathe correctly was a way of life. We didn’t stress over it. We were just that used to it.

But wow. As a mama…it kills you. I can handle throwing up and general sickness, but when my little guy couldn’t breathe? I was worried from the first raspy inhale until the last. I didn’t sleep (nor did he, really) for two nights.

Last night when he was in the tub, he was playing and splashing and not listening to a word I said. I was so happy that he was being naughty again. LOL! He was back to his “normal self”.

Please people, I understand that you have to work and having sick kids puts a damper in that. Your job may not appreciate you calling in at the last minute, but most of the time they understand. If your kid has a fever, do NOT send them to daycare to infect all of the other kiddos. Geeze. Croup is quite contagious. A fever typically does mean contagious illness in little ones. Yes, there are exceptions with teething and whatnot, but come on. You know when your kid isn’t “right”. Keep them HOME. If you can’t keep them home, be sure you have an alternate plan for daycare when this happens (relative, etc). Think ahead.

End rant.

This morning, Logan said he wanted to go back to “big boy school”. He walked in and was greeted by about 20 “hey Logan’s” from the preschool class (4’s). They adore this kid. He is a character, for sure. He makes friends wherever he goes, so it was no surprise. But his reaction cracked me up.

“Hey y’all,” he said.

“I better now. I okay.”

And we are all so happy for that, kiddo. J

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