Weekend Roundup!

We had so much fun this weekend!

Friday night was our typical night with Corey’s family (we do this every Friday).  We went to Cracker Barrell and had all kinds of laughs.  Logan (as always) is our entertainment.  The kid can eat like no other.  He ate all of his chicken and dumplings, (it’s a HUGE serving even at the kid’s size), a biscuit, and half of my meal.  I seriously am jealous of his metabolism.  Logan always has a blast when we are all together.  Of course he does.  He is the center of attention! 🙂

Saturday brought even more fun!  We went to a festival in our town where he was able to bounce in the bouncy houses and go down the “weally, weally big swide”!  He was a little hesitant at first because of how high he had to climb to get up there, but after the first time, he was a pro.

He doesn’t like to wait. He doesn’t like to wait at ALL.  Waiting in line was exhausting.  Patience isn’t one of his strongest virtues at this point.  But he is two.  We are working on it.  He is so used to it just being him and not having to wait for his turn…at anything.  Daycare is helping this immensely because he is being forced to take turns.  He’ll learn–but for now it is emotionally and physically draining.  He fights the entire time.  He wasn’t making a scene, but he definitely did not like it and it was all me and poor Nana could do to keep him in line until they allowed him his turn.

He had a blast, of course.  He loves people and he loves being where there are a lot of them. We had a picnic in a nice little park area.  We joked and laughed, and played. 

The first Georgia football game was on and Corey was not about to miss it.  We left so as to not miss the game, and Logan stayed behind and watched fireworks with Nana and Papa.  I hated to let him go, but I knew he’d have fun.  I still struggle with leaving him when we have time off from work because we cherish our time together.  He had fun and that’s what matters!

I’m getting better about it. 

Nana and Papa came back to the house to drop Logan off for a while and they stayed until half time on the game.  Logan was in seventh heaven showing them his new tricks.

Sunday was not all that eventful, really.  We did a lot around the house and relaxed a bit.  We snuggled with the babe, read lots of books, and played countless games of jack-in-the-box.  It was just lovely.

Monday was the holiday and we were not going to let it go by without something fun to do since Mama and Daddy had the day off of work.  We had a nice breakfast in the morning (thanks, Corey!) and after Logan had a rest (he would not sleep), we pulled ourselves together and took Logan to his first MOVIE!  It was “Planes” and he LOVED it.  He was fascinated with the “big TV” and he did really, really well in the theater.

All-in-all it was a fantastic weekend and we all hated to go back to the grind this morning.  But at least it is a four day week.  Woot!  This Saturday we are planning on going to the SPLASH PARK (weather providing).  Can’t wait!


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