Dinner and a Movie

Last night we spent all evening in our bedroom.  We had dinner in the bedroom in front of the TV.  We all snuggled and giggled and tickled and played.  Logan used his Time Out chair as a TV tray.  He thought it was all so silly but totally played along. 
I mean, what on earth are Mama and Daddy thinking? 

This is crazy but I like it.

“Mama and Daddy and Nonnie!” he’d exclaim.
“TV in the bedroom,” he’d repeat over and over as if he were trying to make sense of it.

“Isn’t it fun, Bug?” I asked.

I look like poo. Ignore that.
“Yes!  Yes, Mama.  Fun.  ‘Most (almost) dark and play bed time!  FUN!”  LOL!  We only ever play on the bed in the morning, so he apparently thought we had lost our minds but he was completely cool with it.

And then Daddy brought in POPCORN.



Ohhhhh he loved it.  He ate and ate and ate until we had to make him stop (afraid of the bellyaches).  He laughed and rolled around like a little monkey at the zoo (no racial comments—it is just a saying, people).  He kept talking about the “big, heaby bowl”.  He had it all to himself for a while and he thought he was King of the Castle.  (We won’t let him know that’s probably true.)

I love little moments like this.  It was one of my favorite nights ever, I must admit.  We had so much fun just being silly.  There is ketchup on the bed and there are popcorn kernels on the floor.  But those things can be cleaned up.  Who would have thought I’d ever let my guards down and say THAT?! 

Priorities.  My kid and memories for a lifetime and a little ketchup on the sheets?  Totally worth it.

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