Weekend Wrap Up and a Makeup Lesson

This weekend was a nice, relaxing weekend.  We didn’t have any “big plans” or errands to run.  We did some running on Saturday morning, but for the rest of the weekend, we just kicked back and relaxed at home.  It was kind of nice to just have a “Mama, Daddy, and Logan Day”, as Logan calls it. 

We ate Popsicles in the sunshine and we worked in the garden a little bit.  We played and played and played until we couldn’t play anymore.  We snuggled and sang songs and Logan pretended to eat my face.  Daddy took Logan for a little while and Mama had a nice, hot bath.  (RIGHT?!) 

Monday came quickly, much to our dismay.  The weekends never seem long enough, do they?  The babysitter had to go to some doctor’s appointments today, so Daddy is home with Logan whilst Mama is at work.  I was on break this morning when I got this as a text message:

Apparently Daddy had to use the restroom and Logan was supposed to watch “Sophia the First” until he was finished. (*snicker*)  Corey said that when he came out of the restroom, Logan was behind the chair in our bedroom.  He asked him to come out and that’s when he saw Logan covered in mascara.  Apparently he thought it was lipstick. 
I must be doing something very wrong with my makeup routine. 
I literally laughed out loud when I saw this.  All kids do this at some point.  Mine just happened to save it for Daddy.  (YAY!)

After a quite aggravating morning at work, I needed this more than I can say.  I can always count on Logan for a good laugh.  This kid!

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