On Baby Naming and Updates on "Savannah"

Corey and I have decided to not decide on a name right now.  We are *still* tossing between Kya and Ruby.  I think we are both leaning more towards Ruby, but have decided that we will wait until we see her to make our final decision.  I’m sure I’m driving everyone nuts with the naming game.  But trust me when I say it isn’t as bad as the LAST time.  We went through 325 names altogether between boys and girls before we had a name for Logan.  I’m so glad he was a boy.  The boy list was so much easier for us.  It’s such an important thing—the baby name.  This is permanent.  It isn’t like choosing the take home outfit that (although important) isn’t a life changing event.  Fifteen years from now, our son isn’t going to even care what outfit he came home from the hospital in, but he will be stuck with “Logan” until at least adulthood. 


With adoption, you may or may not have 9-10 months to prepare for that baby.  You just never know.  We are being prepared.  But don’t even get me started on middle names.  That’s another issue.  We made it through one adoption and we are still happily married.  Take two type “A” personalities and throw adoption into the mix and it gets interesting.


We are still working on that home study.  The attorney has not contacted us back at this point to tell us which court we need to go to in order to get the paperwork started.  Thus we wait.  We have met a LOVELY woman in our area that is willing to do the actual home study for us at minimal cost.  She is so wonderful and I love her already.  I met her through a Facebook contact of all places.  I cannot wait to actually meet her in person.  She’s one of those people that is so full of life that you just want to jump through the phone and hug her.  I hope she comes to our house prepared to be tackled.  Between Logan and I, she may not make it out unscathed.


My husband works for the city, so getting background checks and fingerprints is no issue.  We could have those within a day or two, I’m sure.  They are just sitting on ready.  After that, we are good to go!  We have considered using an adoption facilitator, but are still on the fence with that one.  I’m not really sure if it will be beneficial or not.  The attorney that has our life book in Ohio is just waiting to get our home study in their hands.  As soon as we have it complete, that sucker will be sent right away. 


I have pass-along cards already printed and will be handing those out wherever I can.  I’ll contact adoption attorneys and hospitals.  I’ll call OBGYN’s and doctor’s offices.  We already have sent a handful with our pediatrician.  You just never know where a “lead” will come from in this wacky world of adoption.  I’m not going to let a single opportunity pass us by.


We will be just thrilled when we get that little girl in our arms.  I’m so excited to watch her grow and to see Logan as a “big brother”.  She is as much for him as she is for us, you know.  Our family will be complete.  I’m really looking forward to that as well.  BEING DONE.  I’m sure that all families experience a sigh of relief when they come to that place.  When adopting, it’s got to be a real load off of your shoulders.  No more attorneys, no more home studies, no more paperwork—ahhh the life.  It will be so great to be to that place.  We will have our girl and our boy and our little family of four.  Oh, I can’t wait for that day.


We have not heard anything back from DFCS in regards to the baby that was abandoned at the hospital.  Truth is,  if we do hear from them, it will be at least two months from her birth (August 22nd).  I’m not sure that we will hear back at all.  I’m afraid that she may be lost to the system.  Once she does become available, any family members will be able to jump in and adopt her, should they want to do so.  After that, I believe the foster family gets first rights.  When we were foster parents, I longed for that to happen.  Now it is such a fear of mine.  And should we not have been involved, I totally agree with this policy.  She should stay with the family that has had her.  But our heartstrings are touched.  We have stock in her even if we have never seen her.  It truly is possible to fall in love with a child you have never met.  It’s more than just the “idea” of her.  It’s all of the emotions that came along with all of the events surrounding her birth.  We have been truly involved emotionally since that phone call the day before she was born.


I’ll update as we hear (if we hear) anything on her.  Thanks to you all for all of your love and support.  It absolutely has helped carry us through this hard time.  This is the fourth time we have been through this.  Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any easier the more you go through it.  Love you all!

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