On Mommy Blogging

I’ve never been a horribly private person. Anyone who knows me well is snickering as they read this.  I’m quite open with my life for the most part.  I just don’t have anything to hide!  My life is one big open book. I’ve had moments that weren’t my best put on display for the world to see. I’ve been embarrassed by things I have said or done, yes. “Oopsy-Daisy’s”, I call them.  But ask me now and I’ll tell you all about it. I consider those things to be lessons learned and nothing more.

I’ve been asked how I think Logan will react to me blogging about his entire life and if I’m concerned about how he will take it. My answer is quite simple: He is being raised by two very open parents. I’d be completely shocked if he were to be devastated by this blog.
Even now at just two years old, he holds nothing back. If at some point he comes to me and asks that the blog go private, I can do so in about three minutes. No harm, no foul. It really is as easy as that.

I’m hoping that my kids will someday read this blog with fond memories and be appreciative of their “online baby book”. I’ve spent a lot of time and given a lot of love pouring myself into these virtual “pages”. Truly, I wish that my parents would have had the option for me. How I’d love to go back and remember sweet moments with my grandparents that are no longer here. To hear my mother’s perspective on raising me throughout my milestones and mishaps? I’d adore it!

Logan has family and friends all over this country and even some outside of these borders. How fortunate we are to live in a time when he can be shared with them. They feel like they know Logan even if they have never had the opportunity to meet him. Many of them do the same for their children and I LOVE being a part of their lives in some way.

I’ll never regret this blog, the sweet memories, or the time dedicated to keeping up with everything. Keeping a record of my child’s life for all of eternity? A story of his life written by his Mama with raw emotion? Never a regret…ever.

I do try to pick and choose with the things I write about.  I don’t record every moment of every day.  I will never state anything that would have been embarrassing to me as a child.  That being said, Logan is a different being.  Of this, I’m aware.  But he is a kid who can laugh at himself, even during moments of embarrassment. 
I know that he is only two years old and that the teenage years may prove to be different.  He may come to me at even ten years old and ask to stop.  I won’t stop, but at that time, I WILL go private per his request.

When we are placed with another child, the same will go for her.  My kids will always know that their mama loves them more than anything in this world.  And come on now, who can be mad at that?
Don’t you worry your pretty little heads.  My kid is good.  He is loved beyond measure.  And come on, he’s funny.  He’s the funniest person I know.  Not sharing that with you would be an injustice to YOU, right? 🙂

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