Don’t shoot me.  I’m female and I reserve the right to change my mind whenever I please.  Granted in this case my husband is to blame, but I’ll take the fall this time.  THIS TIME. 
We have decided on a new name for the baby.  Stop rolling your eyes, AMANDA.  I promise this is the last time!  The spelling may still change so I’m glad you don’t like Georgia.
Of course, this is the girl name–we are still actively pursuing a baby girl, but as I’ve said before, it is dependent upon the situation.  We will name him “Micah” if that be the case.  That is the name that we chose for one of our failed adoptions.  That child still has this name.  It sounds strange, but since the birth of Logan my heart has truly moved on from that situation.  I feel comfortable using this name again and that speaks VOLUMES for me.  Besides, I ADORE the name “Micah” for so many reasons. (If the baby is a boy, I’ll talk about those reasons later.)
If it is a girl the new name will be (drumroll please)…




Kya! ❤
As much as I personally love the name “Ruby” for all of its beauty and charm, the going consensus amongst friends and family (and my husband) is that it is just a little too old fashioned for their tastes.  If Corey agreed with me on “Ruby”, the others would have to deal.  BUT he still loves “Kya” and I always have too.  So there you have it.  Kya (sounds like Maya) it is.  Logan was going to be a “Kya” had he been a girl, so it’s had some time to really sit with us.  The middle name is going to be a challenge.  We’ll figure that out later.  We have plenty of time considering we don’t even have an active home study at this point. LOL! 
Still something in me says that she should have another (longer) name and she can go by “Kya”, but to date I haven’t found a longer version that I love.  I first heard this name in the movie “Willow”.  Kaya was the adopted mother of Willow. This was long before Logan was born, but not all that long ago considering the age of this movie.  We were still going through fertility treatments—so probably two years into our marriage (5 years ago).  I told Corey then that I thought it was the prettiest name and just different enough to be unique and not odd.  To my surprise, he actually agreed.  (And there was an adoption reference—squee! Perhaps that was a light bulb moment that we missed. Ding ding ding.)
Fast forward through all of the fostercareandfostertoadoptwastedtimethatnearlydrovemetotheedge = two and a half years ago.  We were about to become parents (or so we hoped).  We went through TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT names.  
My husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to naming our children.  It was a very long, tedious process.  And this was just the GIRL list, y’all.  Yet, our marriage survived!  After all was said and done, we went full circle and decided on “Kya”.  So I guess that has to account for something.  It’s been over two years and we still love this name as much as the first time we heard it.  She’s already stood the test of time and she isn’t even born yet.  She has stamina! 
Someday I’ll tell her the story of how I loved the name “Ruby” and almost named her this.  She’ll probably shake her head at me and roll her eyes and tell me I’m crazy.  She may do that anyway.  If she tells me that I should have…I’ll tell her to blame her Dad.   That’s what good mothers do!
The Origami Owl auction is still going on via online party— if anyone is still interested!  Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to find out if I don’t know the answers.
Thanks again to EVERYONE for all of your support, the ups and downs, and for being a part of bringing Kya home!  We love you all!

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