25 Month Newsletter

Dear Logan,
My Little Man. Nothing suits you better. You want to do everything “by myself” now and only need Mama as a playtoy, a snuggle, security, or to make something “better”. You get so frustrated when something new doesn’t work for you the first time. I hope this doesn’t hold true for you in all things. “Keep trying, Nonnie” Daddy and I say to you daily. The other day I heard you tell yourself this, so I think you are finally understanding that if you don’t get it at first, you keep trying until it works. 
As a baby, you were so diligent in try, try again. Don’t lose that. Life doesn’t always come easy. Have patience and keep going until you find something that works. There is always a way—even if it doesn’t seem the way that would be easiest. Sometimes the roads worth going down are the hardest to travel. This I learned on our journey to you. It was one of the hardest journeys of my life, and also the most rewarding.
You are practically potty trained. You have some incidents here and there, but you are definitely to the point where we can say that you are trained. The pride in your face when you “did it” makes me so happy for you. It’s the little things. Take pride in every accomplishment, no matter how small—it’s a great lesson for you to learn. You love seeing the pride in our faces as well. 
It’s my hope that you always see how proud of you we are. We are proud of every step you take in the right direction. Even when you make mistakes and do things that you regret, we are there to say “it was not good, but it’s okay—make it better next time”. It truly is hard to see the disappointment in your face when you do something that you know disappoints Mama and Daddy. But you live and you learn. You always learn.
The outdoors still rings true as your favorite place to be. The more dirt the better. You love the grass in your toes and the dirt in your hands. Let’s just try to keep it out of your mouth. “Nasty”. You just love “Mama’s garden” and everything that it entails. The “babies” are starting to really grow and it makes you so happy to see them coming up from the ground. 
It makes my heart happy that you’ve learned to appreciate nature at such a young age. The moon, the stars, the wind in your hair. You love it all. Speaking of stars…you are just fascinated with them. Someday soon we will take a blanket outside at night just so you can watch them. You will be in awe.
Anything that is small and tiny is so “coot” to you. “Awww” you say when you see a tiny baby, a kitten, a lizard, or an ant. You are just as impressed with one as you are another.
Bath time is still your most favorite time of the day. Water is so amazing to you in so many ways. You love to float, pour, swirl and drink (yes drink) your bath water—I wish sometimes that I could be inside of your tiny head to see what you are imagining. I’m sure it’s something beautiful. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. I’m SO happy for that. I’ve seen so many children without any real imagination. Your imagination will lead you great places. It’s that thinking “outside of the box” that shows me how creative and visual you are. 
Your sense of humor astounds me.  You grasp things that one wouldn’t think a person of your age would “get”.  I love that.  You will do anything for a laugh and it scares me a little.  I’m sure your teachers and I will be great friends when you enter school.  The thing is, you are the funniest when you don’t try to be.  Every day is full of laughter with you around.  You are the funniest person I know.
As much as it STILL pains me to see how quickly you are growing, I take pride in everything you do each step along the way.  I look forward to so many more to come.  But feel free to stay little, Boo.  Mama isn’t gonna complain. 

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