Conversations with Logan

Logan: Play ding a ding in da closet?
Mama: Yes, but it’s a guitar. Play me a song!
Logan: (strumming) Ayyyyyy ya la na ooo Dis is Jeppy! (Jeopardy—continues to sing the Jeopardy theme song…and states, “TADAAA”!)

Mama: Logan, Neko (the cat) doesn’t want your cuppy. Neko drinks water from his bowl.

Logan: Nonnie Cuppy. Bowl? Oh Deko! (as he puts his cup into the cat’s bowl)
Mama: Logan, he has his own water! (sigh)
Logan: Logan share, Mama.
(How can one argue with that?!)
Daddy: It’s KitKat (outside stray mouser)!
Logan: I love you, KitKat. KitKat where are you?
Mama: She is hiding from you.  She’s smart!
Logan: Noooo KitKat. No ‘iding. Come on, gotta go! Huwwy!
Logan: It’s an E!
Mama: Yes, it’s an E. Do you like the E?
Logan: I love E. I love S. I love Nonnie (this is what he calls himself).
Mama: I’m glad you love Nonnie.
Logan: Nooooo……yes! Love Nonnie.  Daddy loves Nonnie. Nonnie cute. (eye roll)
Mama: Vanity is not a good thing, Bug.
Logan: Ohhhh Mama. I love you, too. (thanks, kid)
Logan: Green!
Mama: The light is green!
Logan: Light is green.
Mama: Yep.
Logan: Light hot.
Mama: Yes, it can get hot sometimes.
Logan: Ouch light! NOT NICE! Be nice light. No hurt me. No hurt Mama.
Mama: Okay…
Logan: Mama, I watch Thomas, please.
Mama: Thomas isn’t on right now.
Logan: Thomas on TV.  Come on, Thomas.
Mama: Not right now.
Logan: Watch Super Why?
Mama: 64 Zoo Lane
Logan: No. Boo.
Mama: Logan, please sit down in the tub.
Logan: Water HOT!
Mama: The water is practically cold.
Logan: Tally cold?
Mama: Yes. 
Logan: Owwie butt? No. Tally cold.
HAHA He just kills me.

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