Could This Be Our Baby Girl?

Late last week we were notified of a possible adoption. The birth mother is in Kansas and is four months into her pregnancy. I cannot go into details, but there are several other families being considered. She does not know a sex just yet, but feels certain that it is a girl. 
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we pursue this. We know that we were blessed with our little Logan due to some pretty unusual circumstances, and we do not for a second doubt that it could be the case with our sweet girl as well.  We are never without hope.
It is my greatest hope that her birth mother can see us for who we are by the words I have written.  It’s difficult to convey yourself sometimes in a profile to the fullest. I know that our love and adoration for our son is clear. We will love any child placed with us just the same—without a doubt. Our child / children are our world and we are putting our faith in that she can see we are not perfect by any means, but we have plenty of love, time, and an adoring family waiting for her here in Georgia. 
Please keep this sweet birth family in your prayers as well as they make what is quite possibly the hardest decision of their lives. Placing your child for adoption is the most selfless and loving decision that any parent could make. It will take all of the love in the world and strength beyond compare for them to make this decision. This is the case no matter which family is chosen. 
I can’t express enough how much love we have for Logan’s birthmother and for the birthmother of our next (and last) child. They are family to us and we love her already—whoever (and wherever) she is.
Thank you all for supporting us and for understanding that adoption is not “a way out” for these families. I appreciate each and every one of you for your open-mindedness and love.

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