Personality Galore

Logan learned a few new words and phrases this weekend.  No worries…this will be clean.

We went out to eat on Sunday after our meeting and he had a Chinese doughnut for the first time. His response?  “Incredible!”   Really kid? They are chunks of ready-made biscuits fried and dipped in sugar, but okay.  Whatever rocks your boat.

Yesterday he was watching me scroll through Pinterest. Don’t judge. It’s one of his favorite things to do. He likes to look for things he recognizes and tell me what he sees. His favorites are the food posts and anything with an elephant (of course). 
We came across a picture of how to make slime. You know, the green, oozing gel that kids just love (also known as Gak)? He started to tell me it is “delicious” when he quickly interrupted himself. 
“Oh no, mama. So nasty. Ew”. That’s the first time I actually heard him say “nasty”. He usually just response with an “ew” when something disgusts him. He’s learning how to use more verbs now as well.  He’s become pretty good at “go” and a few others; however, this weekend he started adding more. 
“Eat your food and get down”. 
“No throw in da house”. That ball…ugh.
“Neko stop it and be nice”. Pot…kettle…
He’s started learning the sounds to his letters! Well, he recognizes that those letters make sounds. He doesn’t quite “get” which sounds go with which letters, but this is the first step. 
He’ll say, “Wassat? S! Ca Ca Ca”! He’s so proud of himself. It’s hard to correct him. I always say, “Yes. That is an “S”. “S” says “sssssss” like star!” or something along those lines. He just looks at me and says, “Noooo…yes!”  Oy vey.
This kid kills me. Corey and I were watching some videos on my blog this weekend from when Logan was a four to six months old. It’s so funny to see how little he’s changed yet changed in so many ways.  He has the same sense of humor, the same mannerisms, same attitude, and the same facial expressions.  He’s just bigger now and can add words to those thoughts / reactions.
This is all cute now.  When he’s 13, I may change my mind.
I have always loved this age in other people’s children and now I get to experience it with my son. It makes it hard to leave him because I’ll never know what I’ll miss. He’s been really good at saving his “firsts” for me so far. Here’s hoping that continues.
Oh, “Nonnie” (as you call yourself). You make your mama smile each and every day.

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