The first couple of days, Logan would bring me my shoes and say, “home”. This was before we actually moved in the furniture and I think he was not associating the new house as OURS. When we moved the furniture in, he seemed to understand. Three days later, he was running up to the door and saying, “home”! It’s gone so smoothly for all of us…we couldn’t have asked for the transition to be smoother.
He loves the new house. There’s lots of room to run. There’s lots of room to play and to make Mama walk all around the house. He takes my hand and literally drags me from room to room to visit his favorite spots. The French doors going out to the deck, the bay window in our room, his rocking chair, and to the bathtub. Yes, the bathtub. This child loves his baths like no other.
And Mama and Daddy? We are equally as happy. It really does feel like home. Of course, my decorating self is thinking constantly of the potential. I have big plans. It may take a few years for it to all be completed, but I have all kinds of ideas. Corey probably dreads the day that my sewing machine is back up and running. It will save us money in the long run, Corey—promise! HAHAHA
This weekend we have our family pictures. We are having them taken at an old train station in a neighboring town. Logan will be ESTATIC, I’m sure. It is Thursday and I still have absolutely no idea what we are going to wear. I have a couple ideas for Logan’s shirt, but that’s as far as I’ve thought ahead. (How I wish we had a toddler’s engineer hat!)
Sunday we are just going to “be”. We haven’t had a chance to really do that since we’ve begun this entire moving process. We’ll go to our meeting in the morning, but after that? NOTHING. We are going to just enjoy each other and hang. It’s been a long time coming.
I will get an entire day of just me and my blessings. Maybe I’ll even spend an hour relaxing in my new tub. Ahhh

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