Preparing for Our New Home

This week we are moving into our new home. This will be the place where Logan really grows up. This is where he will play catch with his daddy and where he will bring his friends over to play. This is the house that he will always remember as “home”. And this is where we will (hopefully) be bringing our daughter home someday—the place where we lived when Logan became someone’s big brother.
It’s bittersweet. We are very (very!) excited to be moving out of our old and just-a-little-too-small house and into the new one. We absolutely love the new house as well as the location. We almost passed this one up. In fact, the only reason that we DID go to see it is because we had a prior appointment. It was priced a little too high for us and we knew this going in. I actually said aloud to Corey as we pulled up into the driveway, “I’m NOT falling in love with this house. I’m not. I’m saying that before we step foot into the house because this yard is gorgeous and I know it’s too much for us”.
Then we walked in and felt at home…instantly. It’s just a feeling you get when you see the “right one”. That’s what we felt. Long story short, we bid down on the price and got a GREAT deal. That part of everything has been wonderful! A great house, great location, great price, and great timing—it was perfect.
But the house we live in now has so many great memories. It’s where we brought Logan home from the hospital. I still remember placing him onto the sofa in his car seat, bending down over him, kissing him on his sleepy little eyes and whispering, “welcome home, little guy”. This is where I first heard his sweet little laugh. It’s where he learned to crawl and where he took his first steps. It’s where he said his first words.
I know that I take those memories with me. I know that they will never be forgotten. But as I look around this house, I can remember it happening RIGHT THERE. The little spot in front of the window where he watches cars driving by and laughs at the raindrops as they fall from the sky. 
That bathtub in the back? 
That’s where I first bathed my tiny newborn. The bedroom is where he slept beside me for months, clenching my hand tightly as he slept. It’s where my mom and dad first laid eyes upon their first grandchild. This yard out back is where we blew bubbles for the first time and the front yard is where Logan picked dandelions yellow flowers with Grandma. Those memories are all here—everywhere I look. I can’t help but be a little sad about leaving it all behind.
I’m sure it will get better as more and more memories of the new house come to be. We already have several! I know I’ll never forget watching Logan running across the living area and giggling at his newly found freedom. I’ll never forget watching him try to crawl down the steps face first and holding my breath as I stood by clenching my fists—trying to let him do it himself. He stood at his bedroom window yesterday afternoon and looked out just as he does the window in our living room now. 
I flashed ahead to graduation and how I’ll never forget watching him look out of that window for the first time, barely able to see over the ledge. I looked at Corey and smiled with a tear in my eye. He knew what I was thinking. I’m pretty sure he was thinking close to the same thing himself.
Tonight I’m marking Logan’s height in his room. See? Another great memory on another day! So here’s to new memories and new adventures! Here’s to stories and dancing and laughter. Here’s to family meals and get-togethers. Here’s to many nights by the fire recalling all of these precious memories.

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