Second Convention

Second Convention
This past weekend was Logan’s second convention. It’s a long time for anyone to remain “still and quiet”, let alone a very active (does that word even do it justice?) 15 month old Logan. We were quite (pleasantly) surprised at his behavior this weekend. He was great! He only fussed once during the entire weekend and that was short lived. We only had to take him out to walk twice when he started to get antsy. We also walked him during each lunch break and let him run around in the grass outside to burn some energy. It went much more smoothly than we anticipated. This was so good for us in so many ways—now we know that he can do this with proper preparation on our behalf. 
There was a great focus on marriage and child-rearing. This was so beneficial for us to hear (as it always is), but even more so with the things we have going on in our little family right now. Sometimes it’s just there when you need to hear it. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how timely it was for us. It was a blessing placed upon us (and many others I’m sure) to say it lightly.
Of course, after a couple of days of sitting, my body decided to bail on me and I was down for the count last night when we returned home. This morning was difficult, but I managed and I feel much better for pushing myself through it. If the body fails, at least the spirit is fed, right? 🙂
I love seeing all of the brothers and sisters and the love that surrounds us from the moment we walk in the door. We never fail to leave without a new friend from a neighboring congregation. Of course, having Logan as an attention-getter just adds to that. My little ham was saying “hello” to each and every person as we walked by. He’s irresistible, I tell you!
All-in-all it was a great trip and I look forward to next year already. Maybe next year we’ll have an additional Palmer toting along with us. We just keep praying for her and hoping that someone is led to us that is looking for a family like ours. It’s been hard for me lately because the baby fever is really setting in. Of course, the convention didn’t help that. Corey and I are such a great “team”. 
We work so well together in so many ways—parenting (so far) has proven to be an extension of that. My hope is that we hear something this year in regards to our little girl. We’ll just have to have faith and trust in God that it will happen. We are placing it all in his hands. ❤

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