Road Trip to the Lake

Road Trips
I was bummed this weekend with house hunting so Corey planned an afternoon out to explore. He’s so good like that. We all jumped into the jeep and drove to Lake Burtonand spent some time just being “us”. Logan watched the fish as Corey and I fed them. Logan was supposed to be feeding them too, but he never threw any crackers into the water—everything we gave to him to feed the fish went into Logan’s belly. 
He ran around in the grass and talked to the fish, pointing out to us what he was seeing just in case we were missing it. Truth be known, he was probably more impressed with all of the motorcycles and trucks driving by, but it was a great time nevertheless. It’s so beautiful there. We are so blessed to be able to live here with all of this natural beauty all around us. 
There’s never a lack of things to do, that’s for sure. There’s always a new adventure in the foothills! If you ask me, it’s the perfect place for a little adventurous boy to grow up. Here are some pictures from our trip. This kid is chock full of personality!


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