Daddy. It sound so simplistic. A daddy provides for his family, loves and cares for his children, and teaches them in the way in which they should walk. This is the role of the father in the household. But a daddy is so much more than that. I was fortunate and was blessed with a great daddy. To this day, my daddy is one of my favorite people. I have never taken that for granted.

 Corey is a remarkable husband. He is supportive, kind, caring, and genuine. I can lean on him for anything. We have no secrets. He is my best friend and always will be. I loved my husband from the beginning. I fall more and more in love with him every day. Sometimes I feel like I don’t tell him enough. I know what it’s like to be on the “other side” and have the complete opposite kind of relationship. I cherish every single day with my husband even moreso because of my past. 
When we were married, in my heart I knew I loved him more than I could love another. To me, this was the love I’d always wanted and I just wanted to always keep it that way. Little did I know that I could love him more than I thought was possible.
We struggled with infertility. We went through a few rounds of treatment, doctor’s appointments, struggles, decisions. We took on foster care and planned to go that route. We climbed mountains and ran races together in attempt to have a child. 
Fast forward to May 6, 2011 when Logan was born. I remember the first time that I saw my husband look at that tiny little baby. I saw a love in his eyes like no other. I saw pride. I saw happiness. I knew that he was going to be one of the good ones.



As Logan grew, I saw their relationship change. Logan loves his daddy in a way that he loves no other. Corey is his security, his safe place. When we are with strangers, he clings to him until he knows all is well. He does this to me, yes…but with Corey it’s a different kind of security. It’s like he knows that nothing bad can ever happen when daddy is around. 

I suppose it’s because I see it from the outside looking in, but it warms my heart to see that. With me, he has this security. He knows that I will protect him. He knows that he’s safe and he knows my love like no other. I don’t mean to say that he doesn’t. But Logan sees me leaning on Corey and he knows that if Mama leans on Daddy…then Daddy is the safest person on earth. I believe that with all of my heart.



Logan squeals with delight when he sees his daddy coming home every day. His favorite time of day is when we are all home together. Corey sometimes worries that Logan doesn’t miss him when he’s away because he doesn’t really “ASK” for Daddy. I see it quite the opposite. He may not ask for him directly, but the happiness that fills that child when he knows that his daddy is home? I know he misses him dearly. 
It’s easy to go about walking in your day-to-day life and appreciate your husband and not tell him. It’s easy to know that your husband is a great father. We need to always let them know how much they are appreciated. You should always let people hear the good things you say about them. Someone told me this once. It goes for everyone, really. We say that we love our friends and family. We say great things about them in private.   All too often we forget to tell THEM. 

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